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Sunday, February 03, 2019

Here's How I Can Tell If a Country Is Safe or Not

Do you just watch a few youtube videos and then decide a country is safe from that video? There are three things or sources I look at to tell if me if a country is safe or not. Btw, watching or reading the Spanish news is going to be a lot different than what the English-gringo population put out...big-big difference. Don't be fooled. For example to find out about just how polluted Lake Chapala was we went to the Spanish reports because the few gringo sources we're all the same--unfortunately they copy each other, but there were numerous Spanish sources and from different news outlets and environmental reports with actual water samples and such...another example is when we wanted to find out about crime in Ecuador; there are numerous videos in Spanish about petty crime in Spanish on youtube and in the Spanish newspapers but gringos aren't talking about it in their videos. So again, do not be fooled just because you are not going to the Spanish sources! You can use Google Translate.  We've been reporting from the Spanish sources since we began blogging in 2011 to bring you how it really is. 


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