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Friday, May 17, 2019

3 Good Reasons Why Millions of Americans Are NOT Moving to Mexico

If you read through the retire abroad media reports and scroll through travel Youtube videos you will notice there is a lot of talk about millions of Americans flocking to Mexico but the fact is Americans have been going to Mexico for several decades and there is still only about 1 million or so Americans that actually live in Mexico full time; that’s not very many considering it’s talked about so much by the travel abroad media and for many, many years.  Where'd they all go?
Mexico is the place where you know what you’re going to get; beautiful white sandy beaches, plenty of sunshine, great food and people, but what makes it so special for (some) Americans is that it is so close to the US, however, that being said, not that many Americans are choosing Mexico for their move abroad, live abroad, retire abroad destination and here’s the top reasons why.

1.  Americans with passports can go virtually anywhere on the planet their heart desires and surprise, Mexico is not the only paradise for retirees and live abroad adventurers. Beautiful, tropical beaches can be found in hundreds of countries around the world and many Americans visit them and yes, some move to these tropical locales, but believe it or not, a lot of Americans prefer living in the mountains!

Beach destinations have always been a favorite vacation hot-spot to enjoy a week or two of surf and sand but when it comes down to actual living and setting down roots, Americans prefer inland and somewhat mountainous regions such as Boquete Panama, Cuenca Ecuador, Medellin Colombia, Lake Chapala Mexico, Mendoza Argentina, Tuscany Italy, San Jose, Costa Rica, so you get the point right?

2. If Americans are going to move abroad lock, stock and barrel, clean drinking water happens to be a big plus and on the top of the list for many Americans. Vacationing in a place where you can't drink the water is one thing, but living there full time is altogether another.  

Not to scare anyone but the facts are, most people who live in developing countries with unclean water have some kind of parasite and 90% of them do not know it. Only when their immune system gets out of whack  will the infestation begin to take a toll on the body, that can take months or years but some of the real nasty parasites do not go away on their own. 

Just to put things into perspective, Giardia is a mild parasite compared to some of the others that happen to be endemic in some of these Latin American countries. Giardia can and does go away on its own when not living full time in an endemic area and in a healthy body but E. Histolytica does not, it hides and it hides good. We've done extensive research on the subject. More detailed info can be found here. 

3.  And finally, we think many Americans are starting to see through the hype about some of these countries and choosing more undiscovered destinations, at least until the dust settles. We say it all the time, but moving to a place because it’s been named “the best place to live” for that year, is simply pushing the lottery button and hoping beyond hope that you’re going to love it.  How many tickets are sold before one lucky winner wins?  That’s what we’re saying here.

And so there you have it, three reasons why not all Americans are moving to Mexico, which ironically do not have anything to do with the sporadic crime that is ravishing the country every single day by different cartel hoodlums. It’s certainly on the list as to why more Americans are not vacationing and moving to Mexico but it’s not in our top three reasons.  

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