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Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Strange Excuse Why (Some) Americans Are Moving to Mexico Now!

Today we bring to you The Strange Excuse Why some Americans Move to Mexico Now. If you didn't see last weeks 3 Good Reasons Why Millions of Americans Are Not Moving to Mexico, click the link; we'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Emotional-Political Escape

Some Americans move to Mexico to get out of dodge. Yeah, some Americans think that they’re leaving the wild-wild west for a new land of tranquility and bliss and for a while maybe feels like bliss but the reality is when we think with our emotions we don’t always get what we think we’re getting.

Of course, everything seems great in the new little Mexican refuge--people are warm, the food good, and the weather great and it feels emotionally good but that’s comparing to an undesirable feeling you had back home in the wild-wild west where emotions were taking over the senses.  The thing is you want to have sensibility when making a major move in your life because it actually allows us to see everything as it really is rather than only what our emotional outlook allows us to see.

Escaping the usa for another country seems like the best solution to someone who does not really have control of their better judgment. But it’s actually a bad excuse to move abroad because most of the time fleeing something gets us into another something that we don’t particularly like and so, escaping from, rather than just going for the adventure,  comes with its own challenges and not necessarily those with any real contentment ...   

Many Americans have completely taken for granted the beauty of their own back yard regardless of emotional bias.  Question: How come some Americans have this strong pull to leave the usa and move to Mexico and some do not?  When you answer this question you will realize it is a “political type” of people that uproot their lives and go to Mexico.  

Others leave to find their shangri'la, and since no place is perfect, we should know since we've lived in developing countries for 8 years, they eventually find they are not really any happier than they were before.

It certainly doesn’t help that Mexico has been named one of the Best Places to Live and Retire.  The old worn out clique says “If I had a dollar (inflation guys) for every person that moved abroad because the retire abroad media said it was the “best place to live” and then they moved back home, yeah I’d be rich!

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PS...Update since writing this article....Really bad things are happening in Mexico. American Expats are losing their money in the Mexican Banks. Full Article here.  Americans Lose Billions in Savings in Mexican Banks, click here!!

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  1. You asked if we could choose any country to move to. For me: (1) Mexico (2) Panama (3) Ecuador


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