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Sunday, November 03, 2019

Retire Earlier Reacts: Cost of Living in Panama 50% Lower for this American Expat

Retire Earlier Reacts to Cost of Living in Panama 50% Lower for This American Expat. She's from big city USA, moved to a small town outside of big-city Panama. Outline to video below: 
INTRO and Cost of Living Index Map - 00:01
(some parts have low volume-SORRY- turn up speakers)
Cost of Living in Boquete Panama 50% Less - 3:52
(the other side of the story)
About Safety - 8:39
About cost of living - 10:28
(small stores and prescription medicines)
About dental costs - 11:47
More cost of living - 12:41
(the meat and potatoes)
About living a quiet and simple life - 16:14
The bottom line - 17:26
The video we reacted to (expats video) - https://youtu.be/jMG-vC1X6ns

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