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Sunday, November 03, 2019

What's Wrong with FIRE Part 2? - Is Living Off Your Investments Ideal?

What's Wrong with FIRE (Part 2) Financial Independence Retire Early - Is Living Off Investments Ideal?  FIRE happiness now or FIRE happiness 15 or 20 years from now? Outline below
00:01 Intro
The Genie granting you 3 wishes - 00:33
The story of the Ancient King (insightful and foundational) 3:30 
Invest, save and work towards goals to achieve your FIRE
but.. 6:05

Warren Buffett - 6:32
Examples of people FIRED But they all come back to THIS 6:58
Focus on future and delaying gratification -  7:33
Many things can happen BEFORE you FIRE that can delay or end your goal towards FI - 9:02
So, the question for you today is... 9:53
Getting off the treadmill makes you more CREATIVE - 11:11
The real essence of FIRE is...11:38
What we talk about in our videos and how we became FI - 12:03
Micro-business or Micro-enterprise - No delayed gratification) - It serves YOU rather than you SERVE it! 12:16
Bottom line once again - 14:26

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