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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

EXPAT NEWS FLASH: The Beautiful Mexican City of San Miguel de Allende Is in Big Trouble!

EXPAT NEWS FLASH: This Beautiful Mexican City of San Miguel de Allende is a favorite with Americans and it's in Big Trouble!  Reality is the bubble popped in Mexico. We were warning people this would happen in this video; it was only a matter of time: https://youtu.be/B1ewyVb4WNA   We're sorry to have to talk about this but we think people should know what's really happening on the ground in these so called paradises. Knowing what's really happening at the moment in a hyped up place is much more important than a skyscape, don't you think?  We want those people who actually want to know what's going on to be more informed so they can make a better decision about how to move abroad. In this video we also talk about several other recent news flashes that are happening around the world that expats might be interested in. 

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