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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

RETIRE EARLIER REACTS: 13 Easiest Countries for Americans to Move to!

See Outline Below: 13 Easiest countries for Americans to move to and the realities they forgot to mention about these countries. Here is the video we're reacting to today! https://youtu.be/Xma_NFfaIJA 00:01 INTRO 00:31 - They say this country needs educated workers and has numerous jobs for expats with trades and skills. Is that you? 1:25 - So the video narrator says this country is the most like the USA plus no need to learn a new language here. 4:24 - This country was one time cheap but now expats are leaving, many say it is too expensive and crime ridden. 5:43 - Most modern country in Central America? Not quite! 7:19 - This is a favorite hot spot for many Americans. 9:04 - Nice country, we we;re just there and it is not really as inexpensive as they say. 10:32 - This country has a lot to offer but is it really easy for foreigners to move there? Think again. 11:51 - Most of our viewers had their eye on this country but do they still? -- That's the big question. 13:21 - This country will give the expat 365 days of tropical weather! 14:49 - This beautiful country is not that easy for older people to move to unless you want to farm. 16:27 - Can't leave out this country! It's on everyone's list of best and cheapest. 17:57 - Number one easiest country for Americans to move to? Hmmm....

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