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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

RETIRE EARLIER REACTS: International Retirement Top 10 Mistakes - SABOTAGE!

International Retirement Top 10 Mistakes that can sabotage your experience - Outline below. VIDEO we are reacting to: https://youtu.be/kpEkv5kIWf8 We reacted to 9 out of 10 of these mistakes and here they are. Enjoy! 0:01 - INTRO 0:51 - Expats make this mistake too soon and many times it comes back with a vengence. 3:28 - Doing this too soon could become a huge mistake as well as time and money waster. 6:24 - Are you falling in love with the first country-girl who comes along? 7:11 - Do not let this mistake tempt you or you might be sorry. 9:06 - A lot of folks err on this one and it's usually a bad idea for many reasons. 10:28 - People make this mistake and it backfires on them and they go back home. 13:40 - This is the most popular mistake people make when they move abroad! 14:40 - Things are very different in every country so don't make the mistake of assuming it's the same as where you came from. 15:26 - We skipped this one. 15:51 - Trying to live like a king and queen never saves you money. Doing this will make your costs higher than where you came from!

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