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Thursday, February 06, 2020

Should you be worried about the coronavirus? Update Facts vs. Hysteria

SEE the outline to specific points in the video below. Should you be worried about the coronavirus? We discuss several areas of importance about this viral infection and who is at risk of becoming severely ill and or dying from it. We made this video by understanding what we already know to be true about health and viruses. And after listening to several Wuhan citizens on the ground talk about what is actually happening in the hospitals and after reading reports about how the coronavirus attacks, we simply connected the dots to bring you this very informative updated report. After watching this video YOU WILL KNOW if you should be worried about this virus ot not. OUTLINE to specific points in the video: 0:01- Introduction 0:53 - Update Feb 6, 2020 Report from Wuhan citizen in Wuhan 1:48 - Update from Wuhan reporter about the sick people in hospitals in Wuhan 3:58 - Hysteria 4:36 - Not minimizing this virus, just bringing you the facts of previous hysterias 5:20 - Who is more succeptible to dying from flu and other virus infections like corona? 7:52 - #1 BEST defense against getting the flu and other viral infections 8:19 - Is the coronavirus really a "novel virus" or is there something else behind that label? 9:34 - Why so many people in China dying and why so many pandemics like this one? 10:42 - The first case of coronavirus infection started and where most cases have been linked to here in Wuhan China. 11:53 - What causes a weak immune system BESIDES what we already know such as bad diet, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking, etc...SEE NOTE BELOW. 14:39 - Wuhan citizens protest THE very thing that is making them sick and dying but nothing changes for the better. 15:09 - We hope our report will shed a new light on this situation for you and your family 16:03 - Don't panic. Instead access your personal health situation and do what it takes for you and your family to stay out of harms way during the spread. Wear a mask, wash hands frequently with soap and water, if there are cases in your city or town, take your children out of school, limit going to crowded areas and stop using public transportation and of course, STAY HEALTHY! We especially say all this if you smoke and or already have COPD and other respiratory issues concerning your health! 16:30 - Epilogue - Thanks for watching and BE well!
           NOTE: Our lungs work as a filter system much like a water filter that is attached to the kitchen faucet which filters out pathagens from dirty water. Overtime these water filters need to be replaced with new filters because they stop working as they become corroded with gunk. Our lungs filter germs and bacteria much the same way but if they are already damaged what happens? It goes without saying that smokers and or those people who breath in badly polluted air every day will have unhealthy upper respiratory tract where the cilia (little filters become corroded) cannot do their job anymore, hense pathagens cannot be filtered out, and it is these people who will be more succespitble to dying from the flu and other viral infections like the coronavirus. These pathagens attack our sytem in the upper respiratory tract, often causing viral pneumonia; this is what's happening in China and as it spreads across the globe, elsewhere in the world to those who are succeptible to it. Sources for this video Sources: Sciencedaily.com - Numbeo.com

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