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Sunday, March 15, 2020

You Would Never Know There Was a Pandemic Until the Coronavirus Grounded Us Here!

OUTLINE BELOW - In 2 months time we have traveled to 4 countries and in the first half of this video we're going to share some of our light-hearted travel experiences in those countries. You would never be able to tell there was a global pandemic unless you watched the news and YT videos. . However, overnight Right now the country we're in is going into panic mode and we'll update you with that as well. Take care and stay healthy! 0:01 Our firsthand experience with the Armenia police. 1:58 The best food and cultural experience was in Tbilisi Georgia! 2:59 Malta is the most international country out of the 4 we visited. 7:56 Bulgaria is a very touristy but very nice, clean country 10:05 Overnight this country went into full blown panic-mode over the coronavirus! Here is our update on that.

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