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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Bill Gates Vaccine Exposed: What THEY Don't Want You To Know PLUS Other News Flashes!

Bill Gates founder of Miscrosoft has morphed into a health care and vaccine provider. What in the world? The over used quote "money talks" comes to mind. Amazing! If Mr. Gates was not wealthy no one would listen to what he has to say about health and vaccines.

As they scurry to prepare "a vaccine to save people from a new dangerous virus" other terrible things are happening around the world. On the surface, a vaccine to save lives sounds positive but what is the other side to this story? And does anyone care what the other side to the story is?

It seems to us a lot of people are watching the fake news and don't know what is happening all over in the world today. You know there is a lot of chaos going on in the world right now but the fake media does not cover that. And by far the most disturbing new developement today is the ability of big brother to get everyone to comply to a global lockdown amid this novel flu virus.

We recently did a poll in our YT community asking our viewers what do you think is happening in the world right now and the results so far have been very interesting. If you haven't voted yet, go give it a try. Take care of yourself!

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