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Thursday, April 23, 2020

If the Coronavirus Is So Contagious How Come...?

We're curious, if this is such a contagious virus why do the medical team and other task force people always stand so close to each other? They stand a foot apart from each other, shoulder to shoulder  as they wait for president Trump to walk in and begin the coronavirus briefing.  And why aren't they wearing a mask? They're all in the HIGH RISK AGE GROUP and Birx doesn't look that healthy either. They never follow their own guidelines they are enforcing on everyone else.  

"We all need to wear masks and practice social distancing now". Really?

And what about the reporters just coming in off the street?

And not to mention with all of those journalists in there. I mean who knows where they have been and what kind of germs and viral microbes they have picked up. What about Dr. Birx’s advice about staying away from people, even if they are asymptomatic and not sick?  That’s what this whole quarantine thing is about, right?  Quarantining the asymptomatic (healthy ones) from the vulnerable population?  And of course, you do realize that the asymptomatic population is about 85% to 90% of the population. So instead of quarantining the vulnerable population which is 10% to 15% they quarantine the majority and then lockdown the world.  Convenient?
Interesting little gathering everyday, same social closeness, uh?

Birx, Fauci and everyone else seem to have no regard for social distancing. The whole lot of them are endangering their life by being around all of those reporters and the rest of the frontline task force in that small room, breathing in the same air, while everyone, according to her is suspected of having the virus, even when they have absolutely no symptoms.  This is strange as strange can be for such a highly contagious virus where, according to them just talking to someone you can get the dis-ease. Oooooowww

BTW, viruses are not diseases. Calling it a disease sounds a lot scarier than just a virus. If they can make a mountain out of a mole hill they will. But, it's still just a mole hill for us and has been since we started updating our subscribers and viewers about the coronavirus and it's agendas. 

Our last couple of videos have been very relevant to this post and it shows factual studies done back in 2009 showing that asymptomatic folks really are not that contagious as they are wanting the public to believe. We’re not saying it is not impossible but you’re much more likely to catch something from a person who is actually exhibiting symptoms than from someone who is not exhibiting symptoms as in asymptomatic. So, these few points are just something for everyone to think about. 

If you missed our last couple of videos discusing this topic, here they you go...and thanks for watching our videos and reading our blog. 

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