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Monday, April 27, 2020

Will There Be a Second Wave of Coronavirus?

Viruses and contagions have been around for a long, long time and they’re here to stay.  In fact, the 2017-2018 flu season was reported by the CDC as one of the worse flu seasons society had ever seen.  

The coronavirus has now been likened to the flu and so we’ll treat it like a flu.  We lived through hundreds of seasonal flus and the flu season has always ebbed in April-May and so it’s doubtful we will see a second wave like some people are saying, at least not as dramatic. 

Well, it's fake news again! "Let's keep everyone in fear" says the fake news.     But what the doctors are saying in the real news is by staying in our sterile lockdown wearing masks, gloves, disinfectants, etc...when we do go back to work the smallest of germs will hit us hard and make us sick. 

Our bodies actually need germs to make our immunes strong and healthy and by depriving our body of those germs, bacteria and viruses, our immunes will not build up and be strong but will be weakened and destroyed. But you do not hear this in the fake news and I guess that's why it's called fake, right?

What If...?

But if the coronavirus does come in a second wave, playing the “what if game”, here’s what we should do.  Practice all of your social distancing skills and washing of hands, etc.  And by the way, why do we need to be told these simple things we learned as children? 

Who are the vulnerable and higher risk of dying? 

It has been proven from many hospitals reporting all over the world that the aged and the sick are at the most risk.  This is a small minority of societies all over the world. 

What Should the Sick and Elderly Do? 

I can only speak for myself and hopefully be an encouragement to others through example but here goes. 
I would take responsibility for my own health and life.  Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing anyway? I've always taken care of my own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health...that's what we're supposed to do.

So then during the 4 or 5 months (November thru March) that the seasonal flu rears its ugly head, if I were in the high risk group, I would isolate myself as much as possible from others. If that means quarantining myself from my friends, my children and grandchildren so be it.  

This solution would be far better than picking up a contagion that made me sick or worse caused my death. The same should be done the minute we see a second wave, which I already explained would be doubtful.


1. Vulnerable groups self-isolate

This excellent solution would be much better then halting my children and grandchildren from their ability to work, enjoying their family and friends, and enjoying nature, travel, and zest for life with a draconian global lockdown.  A global and economic lockdown for a virus? CRAZY as crazy gets. 

The FACTS: The facts show that only a very small fraction of people that get the coronavirus actually get really sick and or die, again the weaker immunes with underlying health issues and the elderly are in the high risk group. In fact, most people reading this article will be just fine if they caught the virus and played it out, in fact, some of you reading this right now, may have already had the virus and don’t even know it.

We have to wonder, why on earth do they want virtually the whole population to be kept in a sterilized bubble in the name of “shelter in place”? I guess we’ll save that for another time. 

Bottom line: I can proudly say that love for my family and friends would take a precedent over myself as they still have families to feed, careers to chase and a lot of life to live so I’m all for self-quarantining while the young and healthy in the world, go about their lives.  

In all honesty, it just seems unfathomable to me to shut down the world economy and my loved one’s livelihood over flu season when there are so many other excellent solutions at hand that make much more sense for everyone involved, not just the few.  

Please open your minds and take the time to find out more about the facts of the coronavirus instead of only focusing on a few news outlets for information. Try jumping off the course you are on for just a moment and see what other views and facts are presented about this virus. Do more research, open your mind and be more knowledgeable about what is really happening with this virus lockdown around the world. You owe it to yourself and loved ones to know the facts.  

I have added a very good video for your informational arsenal below. These two California doctors present some new facts about the coronavirus that is very enlightening to say the least.  Above all, everyone take care and stay healthy! Watch the videos below, good stuff!

Since posting the videos below, YT has banned them. but here is some of the story on the FOX website that cannot be banned: WAtch on FOX Here.

Tucker on Fox discusses the banning of the videos here: https://youtu.be/sPrbGU0Wyh4

Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing (part 1)       50-minutes

Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing (part 2)     12 minutes

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