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Sunday, May 03, 2020

COVID-19 PANDEMIC: This Is What’s Really Happening Behind Closed Doors! End the Madness Already!

This is what's really happening but the media doesn't cover this. Instead they continue to keep people in fear over what we now know to be the common flu! In the meantime behind closed medical doors something sinister is going on and caregivers are afraid to talk because of fear they'll get fired and they should be fired and arrested! And then they want healthy people to submit themselves to this broken system to get a COVID-19 immunity passport so they can work, travel, LIVE Life. This tyranny is just the beginning of more of your freedoms taken from you!! When will this madness end? After we all STAND FOR TRUTH! See below the video on YT in the description for more important details of what's really happening to you and your families freedoms!

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