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Monday, June 22, 2020

POST COVID -19 AS AN EXPAT: The Best Way to Protest for Your Freedoms

This is absolutely the best way to protest. It works, we know, we've done it! Doing this speaks volumes! Some countries have started opening their borders to tourism and it's going to be a bit more stressful than normal with added paperwork, testing, disinfecting, monitoring and tracing, etc...let's face it, what is put in place now looks awfully permanent to us and so that changes the freedom of travel. We need to stand for what we believe in or give up our God-given rights and freedoms. People not traveling that are staying home can protest just like this in their own home town too. The beginning of the video we talk about what it is like in some of the countries post COVID -19 AS AN EXPAT: The Best Way to Protest for Your Freedoms starts at 10:50.

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  1. There is no RIGHT to travel, except in one's own domain. Foreign travel is a PRIVILEGE afforded by the government of those countries, and is subject to THEIR (not your) regulations.


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