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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

CORONAVIRUS: Are You Stuck in a Political Side and Can't See the Truth or End Result?

Are You Stuck in a Political Side and Can't See the Truth or end result of this thing? We hate to say, “we told you so” but today we're talking about an established director of immunology with no agenda, no biases and in a country with one of the best medical/health care in the world and they have stated everything we have been telling our viewers from the beginning about wearing masks, Covid-19 immunity and about asymptomatic people…it’s all here by a Swiss immunologist.

This director of immunology in Switzerland says, "everyone else is wrong!" Hmmmm makes you think, doesn't it? We're very sorry but we will not source the article on here because all truth articles and videos get banned by the censorship police and then this video will be banned. EXAMPLE: Recently we sourced the study from a well-know and established scientist abouT "MASK WEARING" and our source video got deleted and the video got slush piled probably like this one will get slush piled but we cannot stop. So, in light of that we urge everyone to do their own uncovering and the truth will find you. God bless!

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