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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Everyone Is Going to Get Covid-19

Not one person can deny the Covid-pattern we are seeing and that continues to form across the world.  Covid cases presumably surging around the world is a prime example of an over-active virus that mostly affects in an adverse way, the elderly and other high risk groups and which happens to be where the death counts are highest.

However, this article is written on the premise that the virus is still with us in the heat of the summer when most viruses simply die out. 

Covid-19 Patterns

Trying to contain the virus with draconian demands is not working! This whole thing has been an utter assault on the privacy, physical health, spiritual, emotional and mental health of all mankind on this planet.

After 7-months of Covid-19 we see the patterns emerge and patterns are undeniable.  The surge patterns around the world we are experiencing clearly show that mask mandates do not work; painted circles on the floor do not work; staying at home does not work; testing does not work; shutting down the livelihoods of millions of people does not work; the patterns so far have very clearly shown us that this contagion is going to infect virtually everyone who does not live on a deserted island.

The Reality is people need to live their lives and that involves going out and meeting people, going to places and touching things.  Yes, you will touch things that have been contaminated with Covid. Let's get real here. 

How Do Viruses Spread?

The mask mandate is the most draconian because just by the very fact of “wearing a mask” you are spreading the virus even more! Why do most folks not understand this common sense feature about the masks?  Because they don't want to believe it. 

How do viruses spread? Viruses spread from person to person and is why sick children do not go to school.  And is why mom’s always wash the sheets and blankets after her children are sick from a flu bug. It’s common sense, so then going along with this same line of thinking we conclude this:

1. Besides aerosol sprays, viruses and germs spread by contamination from hands to objects. Hands to mask to door handles; Hands to mask to steering wheel. Hands to mask to back packs; Hands to mask to child’s face. Hands to mask to office objects, chairs, tables, desks, paperwork, etc, etc, etc.  I think you get the picture folks.

2.  All objects contaminated by Covid will potentially have Covid on them. Wherever that mask is therein lies the virus.

3. Whoever touches the contaminated objects will potentially come down with the virus

4. Covid is spreading exponentially in the world right now because people aren’t and can’t wash their hands on a consistent basis while wearing a mask.

5. And then we wonder why so many people testing positive? Sure they have Covid-19 but most of them have no symptoms or very mild symptoms. 

The big question to ask ourselves is do the authorities that are mandating masks know this CUSTOMARY way how viruses spread from person to person? It’s common sense stuff and well, they should know that the Covid masks or petri cloths that cover the mouths of billions people, for hours at a time is the main cause of most surges in the world right now?

This assuming of course, that Covid cases are actually surging. Whistleblowers are reporting how hospitals are labeling everyone Covid-positive, even if they don’t have the virus.  Florida got caught listing a motorcycle crash death as Covid-19. 

These Covid numbers smelled like a rat 7 months ago and now they really stink!

The political side effects of Covid is unfathomable and too many to mention in this article. But the political side of things (THE RESPONSE) is harming people in so many ways.  Even so, no one can deny the fact that deaths are going down for the 12th straight week!  Yes, even though more cases, death rates are down. 

Common Sense Look

The fact is whether you wear a mask or not, you’re going to get the virus. The mask will not save you from the virus.  Having good health keeps sickness and disease at bay. Be prepared; have the oil in your lamps now, not later.  

Unbeknownst to apparently many people in this world is that personal health is our responsibility; we are responsible for what we eat, what we read and watch, what we believe and what we say and do.  For example, you have the right to believe that wearing a mask is saving you from the virus. But what is the other side to that? Right, need we say any more. 

The virus is everywhere according to the experts. How can standing on this circle or that circle keep you from getting a very contagious virus that lives on surfaces for hours maybe even days, according to the experts. One word: Nonsensical.

Whether you go back to work or not, you’re going to get the virus because the numerous scenarios of how someone can get this virus goes on and on and on and no one is immune to living their life unless they live on a deserted island. Do you live on a deserted island?  

Heck, you probably already had the virus and didn't even know it. Snifles anyone? How about a tickly throat? We had these symptoms in Bulgaria back in April of 2020. We were also on an overnighter in the Italy epicenter airport with sick people. When we were in Bulgaria both of us wore a mask in the stores and in public transporation. But we were not that sick because of our good health. 

For 2 months we wore a mask in public places because of a slight tickly throat.

Every human on this planet has a life to live which involves other people, places and things.  Therefore, the virus is just waiting to infect the next person that happens to come along that involves people, places and or things.

“Hand-washing trumps everything,” Fauci said. “Even if the virus lives 20 minutes on your hands, they may touch you, shake your hands, touch something that you touch and then you put your hand to your mouth.”

That point is worth driving home, considering individuals alone touch their faces an average of 15 times per hour. So the question is: should we believe Fauci on this point or not because he has been a mixed bag through this whole Covid thing; some of the stuff coming from his mouth has been nonsensical. 

Established Studies and Norms

Why are we creating “new studies” for Coronavirus?  All we need  to do is look at how influenza spreads to the population to understand Covid. 

The real and true studies have already been established. Choosing to go by any new studies that were quickly made since this whole pandemic thing began is suspect since degreed doctors and scientists have been caught lying through their teeth on national television and many studies falsified. Lookup “Lancet Retraction”.

Yes, folks, it’s a scary world we live in when politics, greed and power and bias agendas get in the way of something so very important as our health. This article may get banned by the censorship police. 

***All of the established studies that are not created by a political agenda say the same thing, healthy people do not wear a mask! Masks only work in the hospital setting because the caregiver is ABLE TO WASH THEIR HANDS ON A Consistent basis.  This video details this point very well.  https://youtu.be/qogjmZpgEtc

When this thing started sprouting its horns, numerous experts came out and said “only sick people need to wear a mask”. This is the established norm and we’re sticking to it. You can do whatever it is you want, not telling people how to live their lives but masks will not keep you from getting this virus and can actually facilitate you getting the virus and that is something we’re seeing all over the world if you start looking around.

So then the bottom line is everyone is going to get Covid-19 whether they mask up or not and whether they stand on that circle or this circle. We must carry on with our life and do what we can to mitigate the affects of viruses and other sicknesses in our life by doing what we can control which is taking care of our mental, spiritual and physical health. 

What does that mean? We choose what we put into our body, what we watch and read and how we treat others, even if they disagree with our views. We need to relax and "live and let live" because no one ever is going to agree on everything it's impossible but we can be nice to each other. What happened to good old fashion respect? 

Until we write again, stay safe and stay healthy everyone! And leave us a comment, just be nice if you disagree and have your own opinion. :-)

Sources for this article

Deaths down for 12 Straight Week!

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