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Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Goodbye Covid-19: The Other Side of the Story Disproves the New Normal, Again!

What is the new normal? It is the agenda they are trying to propagate and keep as a permanent solution to your life along with all of the silly restrictions. We're sharing the other side of the story today to bring you some good news that NEVER gets reported by the MSM. The msm, the conveyor of misinformation and incomplete story lines never ceases to dull our mind with udder nonsense. And the msm, like many of the scientists and "health experts" simply do not want you to know this! But the truth and the proof is in the pudding, meaning our immunity to the virus means no vaccine. The Other Side of the Story disproves the New Normal, again! Goodbye Covid-19! Believe us when we say, "where there is no agenda, there will be truth." Let's keep sharing the truth!

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