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Sunday, August 30, 2020

TRAVEL BAN UPDATE: This Foreign Country Is So Wealthy They Don't Need Your Tourist Dollars!

 TRAVELERS DO NOT ENTER: This foreign country is only allowing people from these 6 states. They selected these states from a one-sided msm outlet. Talk about discrimination! We're just providing more travel ban updates. This foreign country is so wealthy they don't need your tourist dollars! All in the name of "you know what". Btw, for citizens from these 6 states to even enter the country you will need: 1) CV PCR test 48-hours upon arrival 2) Fill out an online Contact Tracing form and purchase travel insurance prooving you have a minimum of $2000 dollars for lodging expenses should you have to be quarantined in Costa Rica, and 3) provide state DL proof that you are a resident of one of these 6 states. Face masks are also mandatory-happy vacation! You would have to be desperate to undergo these oppressive restrictions. We say, "No thanks", plenty of other places less restrictive right now. EXAMPLE: If you are a US citizen and you want tropical vacation then Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Florida come to mind and they have less restrictions for citizens.


  1. Hey! CDC Update- only 9,210 people died of Covid 19 alone-
    Wow! that means it is only 1/4 as bad H1N1 Flu of 2009, now can we get into Costa Rica? Why only those 5 states? really there are other states that have lower totals. Stranger everyday.

    Yes, I agree we must seek to join a group whereever we are, that is organizing a non-violet action against these Medical Fascist like the people of Netherlands did.

    1. Thank you for sharing this information! And those under 50 years of age have almost no risk of dying from Covid! Those under 64, have a low risk of death. Covid is a virus that kills those who are already ailing. Sad that even one death has to happen but this is the reality! The truth has been exposed and it's getting exposed everyday by people like you, thank you! Now people need to just stop being so afraid! Thanks again and blessings!


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