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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

ECUADOR COLLAPSE: Hyperinflation and Real Food Shortages by Our Retire Early Lifestyle

ECUADOR COLLAPSE: Hyperinflation and Food Shortages by Our Retire Early Lifestyle. It seems the Ecuadorian lions have awakened from their slumber. Going on day 14 of riots and protests throughout the country of Ecuador. But this really isn't about protests? This is about getting back the freedoms the people have lost over the years and the symptom of that is what is happening today in Ecuador and other countries all over the world. We see that once we hand over our freedoms and liberties to big brother they are much more difficult to get back, if ever. Be sure to check out the links below this description for more details about the Ecuador manifesto that lays out everything that the Ecuadorians are requesting...nothing that isn't already a God-given and constitutional right. More people need to wake up around the world. Take care. ECUADOR DELIVERS A SOVEREIGN MANIFESTO TO THE WHO HEADQUARTERS IN GENEVA - (May 20, 2022) https://www.bitchute.com/video/zgv638o3T2FF/

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