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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Two American Expats Framed for Double Murder in Ecuador! By Our Retire Early Lifestyle

Two American Expats Framed for Double Murder in Ecuador! The two brothers moved to a micro-area of the country in the Amazon of Ecuador (It's called the "Oriente" by the Ecuadorians). This is where the indigenous roam the land freely and some of them do whatever they want. The brothers bought up 150 acres of land for an eco-tourism business. The idea seems like a great plan but the problem is the environment and culture being so different from your own and the fact that most people do not know or understand about the people or the culture when they move abroad, especially mirco areas within a country.
     The adventurous spirit can often embark us into unforeseen territory and that is what happened here. And as usual, we are the only ones bringing up this element and perspective to the story because when you know you know.
     It's very unfortunate for the family this had to happen. If we had known, we would have told them it was probably not a very good idea and why they should rethink their plans. Now these two American brothers seek justice as they languish in a filthy, violent Ecuador prison! Later after making this video we noticed in an updated article that one brother is very sick with stage 4 colon cancer in a Cuenca hospital, fighting for his life. So very sad. 

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