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Sunday, October 09, 2022

Mexicans Have Spoken: (Ugly) Americans Go Home! -- Expat Retire Early Life

Here we go again! MEXICANS HAVE SPOKEN: (Ugly) Americans Go Home - Expat Retire Early Life. Please do take note: We say UGLY North Americans because obviously not all Americans are unmindful of this issue, some Americans understand the ramifications and do what they can to not be a part of the gentrification process that is happening right now in many promoted, hyped up countries abroad. Think about it, if things get really bad for the locals in these countries, and it very well could, who do you think the bad apples will go after first? The Mexican family that lives on small means next door or the rich foreigner that lives 2 blocks away in their luxury condo, who speaks English loudly and always carries around his computer, smart phone to the coffee shops?....And it goes deeper than just what the eyes can see and hear. Resentment is one of those things that grows and grows until it explodes. Just giving out the warning. As always stay safe out there, wherever you happen to be.

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