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Thursday, October 20, 2022

PayPal Thieves Freezing Accounts! Get Your Money Out Now While You Still Can!

PayPal Thieves Coming for Your Money, freezing accounts.  Three years ago we put out the warning bell about some of these online companies like PayPal freezing accounts, closing accounts and holding people's money and now it's being ramped up on a global scale. Many complaints and many people closing their accounts! People are finally waking up to these woke companies that can literally starve you out and prevent you from buying and selling. This is another warning that we are restating again three years later--this is serious stuff. We say Goodbye paypal. Frank and Angie's videos provide real life experiences, helpful insights and entertainment about everything traveling and living overseas in Europe, South America, Mexico and Beyond! Our mission is to show you "what it's really like to live abroad" without any agendas!

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