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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Too Sick to Continue Have to Leave Our Expat Retire Early Lifestyle

Too Sick to Continue Have to Leave Our Expat Retire Early Lifestyle. One important thing that most of us die-hard retire early overseas folks forget is that the environment can wreck havoc on our health if we allow it to. No one EVER talks about this. But we think it's a very important subject to rehash and so here we are sharing again. The video (My Best Investment) in the comment section below shows just how sick I was from the environment while living overseas and part of what we did about it! Just something else for people to think about and consider when moving abroad or even not going abroad as in the case of, if your immune system ever becomes compromised like ours did. Frank and Angie's videos provide real life experiences, helpful insights and entertainment about everything traveling and living overseas in Europe, South America, Mexico and Beyond! Our mission is to show you "what it's really like to live abroad" without any agendas!

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