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Better Health, Better Life

What you will find in Better Health, Better Life is information gained through a lifetime of study, and actual practice. We provide our readers with the same simple, safe, natural lifestyle strategies that have blessed us with better health!

Having good health was not meant to be something challenging or even difficult; in fact, the way to better health is as simple as getting up in the morning and choosing how you will live your life and then doing it. --- Frank and Angie

We are natural health and cleansing practitioners. We walk the talk. Better Health, Better Life is our personal testimony!  In this book we do not beat around the bush. We get right into the heart of this very serious health epidemic concerning almost everyone on this planet—DIRTY COLON + Toxic System = Poor HEALTH!!

"By putting the bowel in the closet and making believe it doesn't exist, many people have gone down the path of improper living, treating the bowel indiscriminately and reaping the sad harvest in later years." Dr. Bernard Jensen

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October 2014 - Hi Frank and Angie, Thank you for the Ebook Better Health, Better Life. It just all makes sense to me.....just one never thinks about it ....thank you for the knowledge in cleansing and health.  I love your ebooks.....and always so informative.  Linda from Texas

January 2015 - almost 3-months later Linda from Texas says...
Hi Angie and Frank,Got one week to go before I finish my colon cleansing. I didn't think I would be able to do it this long.  But I have and it was easy really ....I feel better knowing that I have rid myself of toxins.  My diabetes has been more under control.....and when I go to my doc I am going to talk to her about it to see if I can cut down on my meds.....my goal is to get off it altogether.  Which will be a blessing! Thanks a million, Linda 

Frank and I take our health seriously, although we are not fanatics, well, at least I'm not (lol). We practice all of the health strategies we talk about in our book Better Health, Better Life and we know that what we apply into our healthy lifestyle works! We want to share with you, dear readers, what we have applied and tested to be positive results for us and many others we know personally. 

It is estimated that 100 million people in the United States suffer from constipation and that these people spend $700 million on products to relieve constipation each year.  It seems a shame, when constipation is easily avoided through diet and cleansing. - Anonymous

We're not getting any younger and we want to live our lives free of ailments and disease, because who wouldn't want that? No one wants to live their last 20, 30, and 40 years suffering and in pain, right?  Better health really does mean a better life!

Colon Cleansing and Digestive Healing



  1. Hey! I just bought your book today. Quick question... For the colon cleanse, it has instructions for the first week, then the second week. After that, it says "do this cleanse for a full three months." Does that mean I do week 1, week 2, week 1, week 2, etc. Or just keep doing week 2 after the first week? Thanks! Steve

    1. Hello. Yes, just keep doing week two for the full 3 months. Not sure if you noticed, a lot of people miss it. The first week is just 1 teaspoon and then after than to the end of the 3rd month it is 1 tablespoon psyllium. And that's it! Thanks for your support! If you have any more questions about the cleanse, let us know. Frank and Angie.

  2. Hello, I'm still taking DE every single morning and we're in Mexico. DE is micro particles of nature (rocks) and that's why it's good for you. It's not been harmed by industrialization. It's not dirty. People who talk like that are probably trolls because they are paid to deter folks from taking the natural foods that God created for them. They don't want people to get healthy. You do see what is going on in this world, right? But, to make your feel better, I would just go to a different seller on Amazon and read the reviews there or go your local Health food store and buy it there.


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