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Nitty-Gritty Cuenca Life!

Here you will find articles and YouTube Videos that detail some of the finer aspects of home life while living in Cuenca Ecuador. A lot of this information might apply to other countries abroad, such as using gas propane for cooking and heating. You name it, we'll cover it! If you don't see an answer to your household issue, let us know in the comments below. We'd love to assist our readers in any way we can!

Cost of Setting Up House in Cuenca (High-end and Budget)
Video showing appliances and furniture prices and why we built our furniture. 

What's It Like to Live in an Ecuadorian Neighborhood, for Us
We still live in the same neighborhood after four-plus years because well, we have a great rent price, plus we know our neighbors now and they are great people. We might be the only gringos in our neighborhood but we've lived here for so long now that you couldn't tell; we don't stand out in anyway. Everyone watches out for each other in our neighborhood.
Pros and cons of cooking with propane gas, plus the dangers. 

No Need to Adjust to the Food & Water in Cuenca EC
Why the water and food is better than in North America. There's no need to use anything special but clean water on the produce in Cuenca, Ecuador and YES, you can eat the lettuce in restaurants.

Where Do I Put the Garbage & How Much Does It Cost?
Cuenca Ecuador has one the most efficient garbage pickups we've ever experienced. Click the article to find out the ins and outs of garbage pick up in Cuenca.
How We Stay Warm on Chilly Days, Plus GAS Tank Safety
Read this article to find out the nitty-gritty of heating your home during those chilly days and mornings.  

Taking a Shower Using an 'On Demand Water Heater"
Taking a shower using one of the "Calefon" on demand water heaters is just a bit different than what you might be used to in N. America. Learn the tricks of the shower in South America!

BASICS of Using the Gas Calefon Water Heaters 
In this video Brandon talks about the "on demand" hot water heaters and what makes them tick. They do have some quirks. 

$300 Berkey Water System for $20 Dollars in Ecuador
We drink the water straight from the tap with no problems for almost three years. We decided to get a Berkey water system to filter out the chlorine and heavy metals. About 2 months later we found out Cuenca has fluoride in the water, so we got some fluoride filters to go with this Berkey water system. See video below to set up the filters on the Berkey.

How We Filter Fluoride & Heavy Metals in the Drinking Water
When we found out there was Fluoride (YUCK) in Cuenca's Water we did something about it. This system works great for us and we're a family of five.  Step by step how to set up the Berkey system above and attach the fluoride filters.

Do They Add Artificial Fluoride to the Drinking Water in Cuenca? After reading the studies, we don't think they do, UNLESS something has changed between now and then. Ecuador adds artificial fluoride to the salt, NOT the drinking water! There are small amounts of natural fluoride in the water and if you are concerned about it you can filter it out; we do.

Four years later our "cost of living" has not changed much. Still enjoying our frugal, healthy, and happy lifestyle in Cuenca Ecuador. 

Still eating (4-years later) on about $400 per month and eating well. Cuenca Ecuador has an abundance of fresh food at reasonable prices. Find out what we do to keep our food costs low for a family of five. 

Here Is the House We Rent in Cuenca Ecuador for $250
We've been living in Cuenca for four-plus years now. We still rent in the same house for $250. 

Homemade Dark Roast Peanut Butter - Peanuts Grown in Ecuador
Once you taste the freshness of homemade PB, you'll never want to go back to the jarred stuff again. Seriously. 

Homemade Coconut Milk - Coconuts Grown in Ecuador
Coconut milk is VERY nutritious and taste great. You won't believe how simple it is to make. It won't last long in the fridge.

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