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Personal Consultation

Buy Frank and Angie coffee and Almuerzo  $10

Buy Frank and Angie a night out in a cheap country $60 

Buy Frank and Angie a night out in Panama or other $120

                     Personal Consultation

1. Direct Line to Frank and Angie on Skype $150

2. Heavy Duty Consultation: money, finances, property, bugging out; what problem are you having or concerned about?  $600

HOW IT WORKS: you pay half up front and the other half if you decide you received value. 

Note: Email me your questions first so I can let you know if I can help you.   DiscoverCuencaEcaudor(at)Yahoo.(com)

Contact us for payment options: Let us know if you want to pay by Cryptocurrency. 


It was such a pleasure meeting with Frank and Angie on video Skype. I want to be totally honest and say that I was a bit scared traveling to Ecuador. I did not know what to expect, the steps I needed to take and how it would be when I got there. I felt like I was going there with my eyes blind folded. Thank you Frank and Angie for the time you took to take those blind folds off. I feel so confident about this trip to Ecuador. I have absolutely no fear anymore, and I know that would have not happened if it wasn't for Angie and Frank's guidance. If you really want to take advantage of the best there is in Ecuador, it is without a doubt a no brainer to consult with Angie and Frank. May God bless them for their dedication in helping others in need.
Best Regards,
Kerlyn Orellana


***And remember that 100% of your money goes to a ministry that supports missionaries spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks for your support!***