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Personal Consultation

Talk with Frank and Angie LIVE VIDEO on SKYPE to SKYPE

Make a list of important questions and concerns that are personal to your situation. What concerns do you want answered? What aspects of living abroad are you the most curious about? Grill us with your most pressing issues and questions and receive an exclusive and private consultation.

With purchase you will receive an ECUADOR Landing Guide (eBook) of your choice absolutely free with your personal consultation.

Yes, I want to cut to the chase and get a personal consultation. I may want to wade through one thousand + articles and several hundred videos at some point, but right now, I’d rather talk to Frank and Angie directly and get some answers right away.  Besides, if I’m going to spend thousands of dollars to fly to Ecuador, stay in a hotel, pay for food, transportation, and everything a vacation entails, why not spend the $75 for an hour-long consultation and save time, money and aggravation?


 *If you're moving here, the service is even more invaluable.  Send us your skype I.D. after payment. Once payment has been made we will send to your email the Ecuador Landing Guide eBook of your choosing and set up a time to talk with you.* 

It was such a pleasure meeting with Frank and Angie on video Skype. I want to be totally honest and say that I was a bit scared traveling to Ecuador. I did not know what to expect, the steps I needed to take and how it would be when I got there. I felt like I was going there with my eyes blind folded. Thank you Frank and Angie for the time you took to take those blind folds off. I feel so confident about this trip to Ecuador. I have absolutely no fear anymore, and I know that would have not happened if it wasn't for Angie and Frank's guidance. If you really want to take advantage of the best there is in Ecuador, it is without a doubt a no brainer to consult with Angie and Frank. May God bless them for their dedication in helping others in need.
Best Regards,
Kerlyn Orellana


***And remember that 100% of your money goes to a ministry that supports missionaries spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks for your support!***

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