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Cuenca Andes Weather

What is the weather like in Cuenca Ecuador? Is it really "perfect spring-like weather"? Is it hot in the summer and snowy in the winter? Does it rain a lot in the Andes? What are the daily temps in Cuenca? You'll find the answers to these questions and more on this part of the Discover Cuenca Blog.  See Below for our 8 part research on Cuenca humidity and Mold.



Cuenca Ecuador Weather (HUMIDITY AND MOLD) Experiment
(8 part series)

More about Cuenca Ecuador Weather 

Cuenca is surrouned by the beautiful Andes Mountains. The word "Cuenca" stands for basin; and because it is situated within a basin it is somewhat shielded from terrible storms. However, Cuenca still experiences heavy rains, flooding, landslides, and hail storms periodically.  

In the one year that we have lived here we have experienced waaaay more cloudy, rainy days than sunny, dry days; it is almost always overcast in Cuenca. There may be a dry spell without rain for two to four days, but no worries the rains will come and when they do it usually stays rainy and cloudy for days...and then one day you'll have a nice sunny day. When the sun peaks out of the clouds during the day, it is wonderful. 

Cuenca Temps for Winter (June thru Nov) with June, July, and August being the coldest

Cuenca experiences daytime temps in the winter in the mid to upper 60's and sometimes (not as often) of 70ish temps. 70's usually come out when the sun peaks out of the clouds.  

Cuenca has nighttime temps of upper 30's to low 40's and sometimes, (not as often) of 35 degrees. Sometimes the temps are in the upper 40's as well.  

Cuenca Temps for Summer  (Dec thru Apr) In the Summer temperatures are around (Dec thru Apr) the upper 60's to mid 70's.

Night time temps are in the 40's and 50's.

You be the judge!  Is this Spring-like weather to you? It may be depending on where you're from.


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 Winter Time Cuenca Weather  


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