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Do You Want to Know about Panama? Here's our adventures, personal experiences and perceptions of Panama. We traveled the whole country as the locals would, bringing our readers and viewers all the nitty-gritty details, experiences and stories to help you make a more informed decision.
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ARTICLES about Panama (Central America)

Cost of Living and Low Crime is Why Retirees Might Choose Cuenca OVER Boquete Panama  This article explores a couple of reasons why someone might choose Cuenca Ecuador over Boquete Panama. Both mountain towns but one has way more violence than the other. There's some petty thievery and small amounts of violent crime in Cuenca, but nothing like what's happening in Boquete!

Here are some of the positive and negative facts about both cities to help people choose which city is better for them. However, always check out any city first before uprooting your life and moving to a new, different location.

Ecuador and Panama Food Comparisons: Local Produced vs. Imports  We have a lot to say about this. If you're interested in your health and the kind of food you eat, watch this video and then read the article directly below this one.

What's the Number One Difference between Ecuador and Panama? You won't believe what the number one difference is. It is something incredibly important, at least to us. It's all about food.

10 Aspects about Panama Life and the People
Panama is a bit different than Ecuador when it comes to favorite sport. It's baseball. Find out more about Panama life by clicking the title.

Foreign Cops, Bribes, Corrupt Police When Living Abroad
When you move to Latin America, it can be a bit different for foreigners if they are pulled over for a traffic violation. How much different? Click title and find out! 

Where Is (some of) the Best Food Prices in Panama?
We went to every major grocery store in Panama that includes REY, SUPER99, and MACHAZO, and so far the best prices are to be found at PRICEMART Membership Grocery.

Taking a Taxi in Panama City 1. 
We took taxis on many occasions while visiting Panama. They aren't that expensive and it is a great way to take the camera out and video different parts of the city. 

5 Things We Missed the Most about Cuenca When in Panama
We weren't just gone a week or even two, but we traveled the whole country of Panama for five weeks! This is what we missed the most about Cuenca Ecuador when we were in Panama. 

What's It Like to Take the National Bus in Panama?
The long distance buses are great in Panama; this article explains the nitty-gritty of what to expect, the video is our experience traveling by bus from Panama City to David, Panama. 

Panama Is Not a Better Place to Retire, According to Us! 
Panama is not better; Ecuador is not better. Both cities are what they are for those who live there. Comparisons are OK when it comes to facts, such as crime, cost of living, and abundance of food, but when it comes to opinions, we shouldn't compare. Paradise is in the eyes of the beholder. 

Why Crimes Are Minimized in "So Called" Paradises Abroad?
All over the Internet crime is minimized and played down and unsuspecting foreigners are moving to areas with high crimes and being targeted. 

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