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Considering Quito for your retirement destination? Here's the Introduction to our DIY Quito Ecuador Landing Guide. We've been on the ground and now we share the nitty-gritty of Quito Life. Plus we have written for YOU, a MONEY SAVING landing guide to make your stay less stressful and more fulfilling.  
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Why We Like Quito Ecuador!
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Quito Expat Living

3 Ways Going Local Helps Ecuador
When foreign residents go local it spreads money throughout the entire population, also helping out the small Ecuadorian business establishments and indigenous sellers and services which in turn does two things for Ecuador: 1) establishes good relations with the local community, and 2) gains respect from the Ecuadorians towards the foreigners.

Which City is BEST for YOUR Retirement, Cuenca or Quito? Which city is better for you, Cuenca or Quito? It is a decision that no one else can actually answer for you. We feel it is always best to visit a new city first and to get your own impression. No one else can feel these things for you, or give you that “do I want to move here “vibe” for either city. But we can help you out a bit by sharing our own experiences and observations of both cities.

Get the Real McCoy in Quito:What Is REAL and Who to TRUST Smooth talking shysters abound all over Ecuador, especially in the paradises of Cuenca and Quito; they are in brick and mortar buildings, walking around on the streets, and all over the world wide web. 

Retirees: Yes, Cuenca's Great But Quito Might be Better  
Everyone has their reasons for moving to a certain area, but it seems to us that many people have been duped.  Cuenca’s property prices are already sky-high for Ecuador, and they have been for years, especially since the retirement press started going “cocoa puffs” over it about four years ago! 

About Quito's Public Transportation Options   
In the city of Quito you have several transportation options. You can walk, take a taxi, a city bus, the trolley, or Ecovia. 

Dispelling the Myths about Quito Ecuador
1. MYTH: Quito is Dirty   FACT:  Quito is NOT a dirty city; in fact, we found it to be quite pleasant and clean. Of course in the tourist district where all the night clubs, discotheques and bars are it can get cluttered with garbage, bottles, cigarette butts and broken glass from the night before, but they clean it the very next day and by early afternoon the debris from the night’s party-goers is all cleaned up. 
Quito is the Top Emerging Tourist City in 2015
The future for Quito, Ecuador is looking bright, with over $87 million in hotel investment announced over the next 10 years, being recognized as South America's leading destination by the World Travel Awards for the second consecutive year.

10 Ways to SAVE Money in Quito Ecuador
So is Ecuador really cheap like everyone says it is? As we’ve already shown in other posts: not necessarily; however you can live well on less here if you know some of the ins and outs of working with the Ecuadorian folks and staying away from those things which are geared for tourists and unsuspecting gringos. 

When Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Quito
The Northern Andes Mountains has fairly steady temperatures no matter what time of year it is.  And just like Cuenca, Quito can and does have its cold fronts where it is breezier, rainier, and chillier, for a few days; this kind of weather can come even in the summer. 

Quito Crime & Safety

Fact or Fiction? You Will Get Robbed Taking Bus in Quito The FACTS: The Trolebus, Metrobus,and the Ecovia are safe to take when the rider takes the same precautions they would anywhere where there are crowds of people.

Crime & Safety in Quito: How to Avoid Becoming a Target 
When we become friends with the local people in the neighborhood, speaking Spanish, riding the bus, shopping where they shop, bargaining for items, dressing like they do, and basically doing whatever it takes to blend in, they will see us as just like them and NOT “rich gringo foreigners”,  and guess what? Your house suddenly stops being a target.

8 People Detained in Kidnap Express Ring
Ramiro Ortega, head of the PJ said that criminals were located on the outside of malls, upscale restaurants and entertainment areas for potential victims choose to offering taxi service.

More Crimes in Ecuador or Gringo's Just Not Taking Crime Seriously?   We’ve warned before that South America is not a good first time travel destination, and yet, we see more and more gringos every day on the streets of Cuenca behaving in ways that are targetable for a theft, robbery, or home invasion. If WE notice these details, how much more will a thief whose job it is to rob foreign tourists and expats? 

What Expats Should Know BEFORE Retiring to Ecuador  In recent years, Ecuador has become a top overseas destination for retiring U.S. citizens. Bear in mind, organizations promoting Ecuador or any other place as a retirement destination may have a financial incentive to attract retirees, and may not always present a balanced picture.

What's Quito Like thru Frank and Angie's Lens

What is the Quito Ecuador Airport Like? The new airport is nice, clean, and easy to get around in. This is part 1 of 2.

What's It Like (video) to Fly from Cuenca to Quito?
This is our experience flying from Cuenca to Quito Ecuador on Ecuador-based Aerogal Airlines.

What's It Like to Fly from Quito to Guayaquil, Ecuador? The video has important information about buying tickets online.

What's It Like to Take the National Tour Bus from Cuenca to Quito
You have to experience taking a tour/national bus at least once to see what its like. There are many short 1 and 2 hour bus trips one can take to get a feel for bus travel. This article is about taking the bus from Cuenca to Quito but it applies to any destination in Ecuador.

We're Back in Quito Again 
We just can't sty away from this beautiful Andes city.

We're Taking a Taxi on Popular 6 de Diciembre Av. in Quito Ecuador A good way to see parts of the city is from a Taxi cab.

We're taking a taxi from El Centro (Historic Quito)to the Rio Coca Bus Terminal Lots of nice scenery in this taxi ride. 

Quito Weather in October After Being at the Coast
The sun is shining in Quito Ecuador! You would think that coming from the coast to the Andes the weather would be worse, but the sun came out every day in Quito for hours at a time, which warmed us up and it was great.  

15 FABULOUS Aspects about Quito Ecuador
Here's 15 great things we know about Quito. These are facts that you might want to know. 

What Is New Years Eve/Day Like in Quito Ecuador? It Can Get a Bit Crazy! We spent ten days in Quito over the holiday, it was wild fun!

What's Quito Ecuador Like in December 2014?
Quito Ecuador is a fun city with a lot to do. Our second choice for living would definitely be Quito. 

You Don't Have to Look Far to Find ALL Kinds of Bargains in Quito! Frank and Angie bargain hunting and having a blast in Quito Ecuador.

We're Traveling from Quito to Cuenca on the PanAm Ecuador 35 Highway  Beautiful cotopaxi views and the roads are excellent!

We're Enjoying Ejido Park (Our Favorite) in La Mariscal District of Quito Ecuador 
Quito has several really nice, big parks: Ejido is our favorite.

Eating out in Quito Ecuador

We're  Having a Fabulous Desayuno for $1.75 in El Centro, Quito Where else can you have such a nice breakfast with real coffee for $1.75?!

$3 Almuerzo with the Whole Family in La Mariscal, Quito Ecuador Today we have the gang with us in La Mariscal of Quito. 

Romantic Reminiscing in a Cosy Cafe in El Centro Quito This is a really cute cafe located in El Centro of Quito. Here, you can still find the humita con cafe por $1.99.

We're Enjoying a 3 Course Fish Meal for $2.50 in La Mariscal, Quito  We noticed there are still many $2.50 almuerzos in Quito and even in the tourist district of La Mariscal!

STAY TUNED! We have tons more video and information to post about our experiences in Quito! much more coming soon!


  1. Frank and Angie, we are coming to Ecuador Nov 11 through the 20th, and want to see alot of the country. I was wanting to hire a bilingual driver/guide for the week, ($150/day plus expenses, and my brother who is coming with me wants to bus everywhere (cheap backpack style.) Though I am going to have carryon luggage, so not sure how that will work when wanting to sightsee. Dragging a suitcase on and off a bus to check out a place of interest that maybe I don't necessarily want to stay the night in, but 3 to 4 hours or so sounds unfun. But not sure if I could pare down enough to do a backpack for nine days. Neither of us speak enough Spanish to communicate. What is your suggestion? Any ideas?
    We had been steered away from renting a car as many reviews on line discourage it.
    We would also like to know if there is someone in particular we could talk to about the legalities of moving there in depth for a few hours. We'd love to meet you if you would be available for something like this, or anyone you would recommend or could put me in contact with?

    1. Hello Unknown, sounds like you have a lot to think about. Please contact us off blog using our email located on the left side of blog and we'll be happy to talk with you. Thanks.

  2. I have visited BaƱos, Cuenca, and Quito, and I am sure that I will get more chances to explore the best places in Ecuador. I am a student, and I belong to South America, so I felt curious to read Ecuador Travel Guide as it helped me to know my place in a better way.


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