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DIY Cuenca Landing Guide Reviews

Happy customers of the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide are letting us know they are glad they have all the useful information that is in the guide when they arrive in Cuenca! If you are moving to, or even just visiting Cuenca, the Cuenca Landing Guide is a must have book in your arsenal of resources that you bring with you. The guide can easily be downloaded to your favorite electronic gadgets and readers so you can have it with you wherever you happen to be.

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Daniel Welch from California


Brian Osburn and his miniature schnauzer, Senor Oso


          Expat Family --- happy to arrive in Cuenca and have everything ready for them!



  1. Hi Frank and Angie,

    I bought your latest edition of the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide a few nights ago and finished reading it shortly thereafter.

    Thank you for this guide to Cuenca!

    Your DIY Cuenca Landing Guide, published May 2013 is detailed, informative, and thoughtful. It is full of valuable insights to the city, the people, and the culture. Your DIY Cuenca Landing Guide is the best guide anywhere, at any price, for visiting Cuenca, or for living in Cuenca.

    This guide will save the reader hundreds of dollars in a two or three week stay, and it will save thousands of dollars in just the first year of living in Cuenca.

    Do not pass this guide up!

    B. Quinn
    Pacific Northwest
    May 2013

  2. Frank & Angie

    I downloaded the DIY Cuence Landing Guide tonight and just finished my first reading through it all tonight! Compelling and informative reading. No rose covered glasses.

    My husband and I are seriously considering visiting in 2014 to see if Cuenca is the place we want to retire to.

    I will read it again later with my husband.

    Thank you for being a "friend" on the inside to help us all. I would recommend this book to anyone.

    North Carolina
    November 2013


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