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Everything You Need to Know
to Make this Large City Cozy,
Comfortable and Inexpensive!
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Dear Frank and Angie,  I just ordered both of your reports, and I am really pleased to say thank you so much for an honest views and info, so keep it up!   God bless you all.   regards - A.A

Inside the DIY Quito Landing Guide Frank and Angie bring you all the goodies you have been waiting for—holding nothing back—informative, practical, insider Quito Ecuador details that you have come to trust them to deliver to you! 247 pages!

Readers of our Discover Quito and Cuenca blogs know that we have been living in Ecuador on a daily basis for a number of years, fully integrated within the local community and have done all the footwork already to make our own lives easier, more fulfilling, and less expensive, not to mention, less stressful! Now you too can know what we have learned, but without all the mistakes and expense!

If this is the only Ecuador guide you consider you will not be disappointed, why? Insider real estate section "they" don't want you to know--plus rental scams and how to avoid them! 

Full chapter on discrimination; its not what you think. Plus we show you how to save money like you won't believe! For your reading pleasure and encouragement we share full examples and live stories that will tickle you pink or make you consider Quito for your retirement. 


Why spend $57 dollars just to get to town from the airport!  We show you how to safely and conveniently travel from the (new) Quito Airport into the city for just $2 dollars, and with your entire luggage.  Just this one money- saving tip is worth the price of this book, but there’s more! 

Next, get to your hotel for just another dollar or two!  We take you by the hand to the hotel of your choosing.  Know locations, prices, amenities, etc. with this guide in your hand.  Each hotel we list has clear concise maps to help you navigate the city of Quito.  Everything has been mapped out, everything is close by and you’ll know exactly what to do and where to go for a lot less than your average tourist!

The Quito guide is filled with numerous money-saving practical, informative tips just like this, to make your stay the easiest, safest, and least expensive it can be.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

                It Is Like Three Guides All Rolled Into One!

Quito is dissected into three smaller city/regions, and we go into full detail of each area so as to make the reader feel very comfortable and cozy and not overwhelmed.
  • Easily get around anywhere in and around Quito like a pro, and for cents on the dollar compared to your average tourist / traveler.  
  • Quito transportation system explained and dissected, in clear specific detail for each of the three Quito areas, so you can travel well, comfortable, cozy and inexpensively. 
  • Who says bigger cities have to FEEL big and cost more? 
We’ve done it and now we’re going to let you know the inside scoop to easily get around anywhere in Quito like a pro! In fact, you’ll be so comfortable with the public transportation system that you will be helping the locals get around, seriously!
  • On Reasonably priced and Convenient Lodging:  Hotels with RATES, PHOTOS, and MAPS!  Additional discounts with this guide!We show you what mode of transport to use to go to each hotel or hostel we list in the guide; where to get on and off at the hotel of your choice; and photos, amenities, rates, contact numbers and maps for each listing.
Every hotel/hostel we list in the Quito guide is conveniently located to shopping, dining, activities and other points of interest. 

Museums, Shopping, Restaurants, Tourist Offices and Immigrant Visa Office for each section 
  • We share with our readers good places to eat, where to shop for groceries, cultural and tourism activities and the immigration office addresses. 
  • Cultural and tourists centers
  • Important CONTACT numbers
  • Immigrant visa offices 
  • List of basic Immigration documents you will need

I've bought all your books and have enjoyed them a lot as well as learned a lot from them. It gives one courage to know what to do, how to do it and where to do it and what to expect. I negotiated $265/month down from $300 for a brand new three bedroom apartment. It has marble floors with parquet in the bedrooms. Thank you!  John B. St Louis Missouri

 Crime and Safety with Guidelines

  • This section of the guide is huge; 12 full pages of thorough, practical  Quito specific safety information you will not want to be without! We share our experiences, advice, and guidelines for staying safe no matter what you are doing or where you are at in Quito. Remember, we’re not just writers, we live in Ecuador!

  • On Safety in Quito:  Don't be like the two men that recently got kidnapped and robbed in Quito. "We followed all the advice on the forums, but we were still held hostage in a Quito taxi and made to extract money from our ATM, before we were abandoned on the street with no money in a strange part of the city”

NOTE: When we saw one little detail they (didn’t do) mentioned on their blog, we immediately knew why this happened to them.  Had they read the DIY Quito Landing Guide, they would not have omitted this detail that got them robbed.

  • How to keep your valuables from getting stolen from your hotel or hostel 
  • Safety guidelines when taking the Quito public transportation
  • Important crime facts for Ecuador to be aware of
  • How to stay safe in La Mariscal so you can enjoy your stay
  • How to avoid being a victim of crime in Quito
  • How to avoid home invasions
  • Staying safe in the Quito bus terminals – Our story of (almost) getting robbed by  a 12-year old boy. 
  • Stay safe in Quito old town – Plus, our personal stories of dealing with drunks and vagrants and what we did when approached by them 
  • How to stay safe taking taxis in Quito – Don’t be like the two men that got kidnapped and robbed, follow all the details

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

We just ordered your Quito Landing Guide. I'm getting ready to order your Coastal Landing Guide.  I know those guides are worth AT LEAST 10 TIMES the $20 you are charging for them, thank you for all the time and effort you put into them! I hope to meet both of you down there someday! ---- Larry


These are a few of the many questions we respond to in detail in the guide.

  1. Which would you say is economically a more viable place to live between Quito and Cuenca for us pensioners with limited monthly stipends? 
  2. Please show examples of houses to buy and their prices. Here in the States, it's hard to imagine $180k homes renting for $350. It warps the mind to read your posts and get that impression of the comparison of price vs. rent there.
  3. I wonder where expats go as they land in Quito. Is there a way to connect with others who might help guide them in their first few months in town? 
  4. What are the opportunities like for opening up a restaurant or retail business in Quito?


Why half if not more of the gringos that are considering a move to Ecuador should not bother. This is a very helpful chapter with the real reasons told to us by expats of why they move back to the states or leave Ecuador for a first world country.

  • Must-have documents you will need before buying real estate 
  • Safety precautions you will NEED to know BEFORE buying real estate
  • Extended (insider) real estate section
  • Cost of living facts for QUITO COMPARED TO CUENCA
  • What you need to know BEFORE renting
  • Dealing with rental agents 
  • How to find local priced rentals in Quito 
  • How to spot rip-offs in the rental market and avoid them
  • This is what happens when foreigners overpay on rent?

  • Outrageous price hikes and ridiculous gringo gouging

And there’s more in the Quito Guide you will want to know

  • Safety guidelines for eating out and from street vendors 
  • Why you do not need a car in Quito 
  • The easiest, fastest, and most effective way to learn Spanish 
  • Is there discrimination / racism in Quito Ecuador? 
  • What to expect when taking the bus from Cuenca to Quito 
  • How to get cheap flights to Quito and within Ecuador 
  • Hotels near the Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito

WARNING: with the Quito guide in your hands, you will have the full understanding of what it’s like to live in Quito Ecuador and you may decide it’s not for you after all, or, decide you are not going to wait any longer to jump into your new life in Quito and move here next week.  See you then!!!

Congrats on your new e-book. We haven't read it yet but if it is anything like your "DIY Cuenca Guide" which we used on our recon visit last year it will be especially helpful for visitors and newbies alike. --Kay and Jim, Palm Bay, FL
 Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.
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