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If you are looking for assistance in a rental, please go to http://www.GringoGoodSamaritans.com and fill out the assistance package that best fits your needs. Thanks, Frank and Angie.
     How to get the most from Discover Cuenca Ecuador Website

The Discover Cuenca Ecuador blog has several hundred articles related to different aspects of living in Cuenca;  and now Panama, based on actual experiences and observations on many different subjects. We have so much information detailed on this blog that for a reader to achieve the most out of the Discover Cuenca Ecuador Blog you will want to be sure to, 1.) use the menu at the top of the blog, Clicking on a category will take you to articles about that subject. and 2.) Use the Search Bar.

Just to give you an idea of how much content we have on this blog: We have posted a new article or video every couple of days on average, for the past five years on this blog, so in addition to several hundred articles there are also hundreds of video posts so you're sure to find answers to most of your questions. 

We're here to assist you as best we can, so if you still don't find what you're looking for be sure to use the contact us form at the top of this page, and ask away...Although WE DON'T ANSWER PERSONAL QUESTIONS we will make our best effort to find a best answer.

Also, if you are a subscriber you will get every new post we make in your email inbox or blog feed, depending on which way you subscribed. Let us know your comments and questions--your thoughts are important to us.

And don’t forget: the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide is a book to assist new people to Cuenca to get around on their own, find a short or long term rental, and get acquainted with Cuenca from the inside out. The Cuenca guide will make your first months in Cuenca so much easier and less stressful, saving you money and time, so you can spend your energy on getting comfortable with your new life in Ecuador. 

The Cuenca Landing Guide is now available as an eBook or paperback!  In addition you get free email support with the guide.  

May your Ecuador journey be everything you have hoped for!
Frank, Angie and Sons

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