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Marriage Restoration

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In 2002 Frank and Angie created Heaven Ministries, an online biblical based Marriage Healing Ministry. Over the years they have counseled and encouraged numerous couples toward self-healing and marriage restoration.    

Weekly Marriage Encouragement
Frank and Angie Marriage Healing Videos
Moving Abroad Can Make Your Marriage Stronger 

Top 5 Reasons for Divorce and What You Can
Do to Prevent It!

1. Unfaithfulness - Physical & Emotional (PDF) 
2. Alcoholism - Addiction (PDF) 
3. Unbelief - Lack of Godly Wisdom & Truth (PDF) 
4. Feminism - Confusion of Roles (PDF) 
5. Lack of communication/intimacy - (PDF)

Do You Know Someone with an Alcohol Problem?
Alcoholism is an insidious condition and the number one cause of unhappy marriages and divorce. Frank and Angie have been there and we know what it is like to be enslaved by alcohol and to be married to one. If you live with an alcoholic your best defense is to detach with love.

You Don't Have To Feel Helpless and Frustrated

Say good bye to helplessness and frustration and say hello to "I've got my life back"! Learn the proper ways to react to the alcoholic. Learn when to react to the alcoholic. Learn why your reactions can keep the alcoholic stuck within the addiction. Learn how YOU can be a valuable help to the alcoholic.