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This is our (ongoing) experience dealing with Entamoeba Histolytica parasite while living in Ecuador. We advise everyone who has traveled to or is living in a developing country be checked for E histolytica and then work on eradicating it from the body before it begins to do damage. It should not be taken lightly. The longer it is in the body the worse damage it can bring upon your immune system.  

Update 2018 - The most challenging thing in the past 2 years dealing with E.H has been dealing with the AFTER EFFECTS of taking too many anti-parasite medicines too close to each other. This happened because the first time we were given the wrong medicine and getting EH again when we moved to the coast and taking the medicine again! Anti-parasite medicines are very unhealthy...they are just like antibiotics, or maybe worse...they kill off everything living in your intestines, even the good bugs. 
Thankfully we are learning so much through all of this.

Do NOT Take the meds they hand out like candy! Ecuadorians treat themselves for parasites every 6 months using the candy they dole out...bad news.  

Eat papaya seeds (1 teaspoon) daily and eat a good diet so you can flush them out of your system faster. The seeds paralyze the parasites and they can no longer cling on to the intestines and so they go out with the rest of your B.M.  

Eat the seeds for three months and be consistent because the parasites are on a cycle in your gut...they lay eggs, they hatch, the cysts multiply and in some people 20% the cysts can morph into the Traphazoit stage and go into your liver, heart, brain, etc etc...

This is another good sight about E.histolytica. 

However this website states that a certain drug gets rid of the parasite but the truth is, the drug does not get rid of them. THERE IS NO DRUG THAT GETS RID OF THE CYSTS. Perhaps it puts them at bay for awhile but we took this very same antiparasite medicine and we still had the parasites. THE ONLY THING THAT GETS RID OF E.HOSTOLYTIC IS EATING PAPAYA SEEDS EVERY SINGLE DAY for months and EATING A GOOD DIET SO YOU HAVE GOOD BOWEL MOVEMENTS to flush them out! 
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Notes: We will refer to this parasite often as E. histolytica or EH throughout our writings. We often refer to the medicines for parasites as being antibiotics; to be clear antibiotics supposedly kill bacteria and antiparasiticals supposedly kill parasites. Both do evil to the body and pollute it worse than the bacteria and some parasites! In fact now we feel really bad for not investigating a natural parasite cleanser. We cannot underestimate the negative impact anitparasite meds and antibiotics do to the body...we recommend everyone find natural remedies to rid parasites from the body and eat a good diet so you will not be constipated so you can easily flush them out of your system. We now know that constipated folks will be more prone to having more symptoms and issues with parasites. We strongly recommend natural. 

We use papaya seeds now but there are natural products on the market that work too if papaya seeds aren't something you're willing to do on a regular basis. Since we live here, we need something we can take on a regular basis that will not harm our body and eating a good diet and papaya seeds seem to work. 

When we feel sick to our stomachs the best thing to drink is clove tea. Crush about 10 cloves or blend them then add 5 cups boiling water to the cloves, let sit for 15 minutes and strain the cloves out and it's ready to drink. gets rid of stomach aches (nausea) from the parasites. Drink 1 cup every time you feel sick. Do not eat the cloves.

FACTS  about Entamoeba histolytica (EH)

1. EH can lie dormant for years and you'll never know you have it. (All 5 of us had it but only 2 people in our family had any disturbing symptoms that alarmed us to go get checked.)
2. Eating a poor diet, especially sugary foods and drinks can bring on symptoms.
3. Most people do not think they have parasites.
4. EH can travel into the bloodstream to the liver, joints, heart, lungs and brain and that is when it becomes fatal.
5. EH is worldwide but worse in developing countries. 
6. Antibiotics (ANTI-PARASITE MEDS) do NOT kill cysts that hide in the crevices of the colon. 
7. EH is the second most dangerous parasite after Malaria. 
8. Chlorine in drinking water DOES NOT KILL E.histolytica!
9. Eating foods irrigated with unclean water (Mercados) can give you parasites. Note: we used to eat a lot of raw vegetables and salads when we lived in Cuenca) and it always made us feel worse (bloated) after eating raw foods, especially broccoli where the cysts can hide easily. Everything must be cooked or peeled.

Many farmers in Cuenca live along the river and they irrigate with the river water. From there it is sold at Mercados to unsuspecting lovers of raw vegetables!! Yes, the parasites can live on vegetables for days!!! Vegans are especially at risk of becoming infected because they like their veggies raw, don't we all though! 
We'll start at the beginning when we first became infected with EH... We're still working on ridding our bodies of EH and clearing up secondary infections that two of us in the family got, and rebuilding our immune system, namely our intestinal flora since becoming infected with EH.   

NOTE: Taking too many parasite antibiotics are bad news and can cause many negative physical issues (we know first hand) within many different areas of the body especially the good flora in your intestinal system and sinus cavities. Antibiotics and antiparasite medicines lead to Candida, a terrible fungal overgrowth. 

Remember, this is all new to us. We've never had a parasite (at least we don't think) in our life! We're normally VERY healthy people. We are simply retelling the events as they unfold for us and any new issues or updates. That's why you may see us look tired or appear restless in our videos; its been challenging. 

NOTE: this is the chronological sequence of events as they happened in our lives. We share in the hopes it will help others from panicking and taking anti-parasite meds like we did; and it helps to know, you're not alone; its always nice to have support of others who know what you are going through. We appreciate all of our loyal followers for sticking with us during this challenging time. Take care and God Bless to all!

The first part of our story begins in Cuenca Ecuador

December 2015 Cuenca: This is when we first learned we had EH. We did not know we had this parasite for a very long time but we were all having bloating and cramping symptoms and attributed that to the produce being sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals. Symptoms were ALWAYS worse AFTER eating raw produce! So, we stopped eating certain produce raw.

The reason why we eventually found out it was EH parasite causing our symptoms was when one of our sons got progressively worse with abdominal/intestinal issues; These disturbing symptoms led us to have him checked and subsequently, we had a stool sample taken to the lab in Cuenca and it came up positive for E. histolytica. Really!? Shock! Then the whole family got checked and that was our confirmation we all had the same parasite. So, it was not the produce being sprayed with pesticides after all.

We decided to share our experiences and write about it. Our thinking is "why leave something like this swept under the rug when you can help so many people emotionally, mentally and physically? I mean, we would sure want to know about everything before moving to a developing country. keeping the negative things undercover to potential travelers does more damage than good.

The first part of our story begins in Cuenca Ecuador

1. The War on Parasites When Living in a Developing Country

2. Food Poisoning, Amoebas and Parasites in South America

3. Killing Parasites Pharmaceutical Way or the Natural Way?

4. Uh Oh, Parasites again (EH)

One of our sons continued to get worse. At the time we did not know that the anti-parasite medicine we took does not kill off the cysts. So, what happens is, if you do not take care of your health for just a few days or do not retain eating foods that help provide the colon with good flora the parasites will begin to cause symptoms again (bloating, cramping, and worse for some people) because the cysts just hatch and it starts all over anew; its a vicious, vicious cycle. 

BTW, it was months later we found out that they gave us the wrong parasite meds in Cuenca and yet it is the medication they (the lab) prescribes to everyone who has EH???? and it does not kill the cysts!!!  Here in Ecuador no prescription require.

Mid July/August 2016: Now we are in Salinas Ecuador. When we moved to Salinas we did not know we still had the EH parasites but it wasn't long before we realized something was not right with us, again. Remember: antiparasiticals do not kill the cysts. 

When we moved to Salinas we stopped drinking raw yogurt (we had raw milk delivered to our door twice a week in Cuenca and we all ate homemade yogurt on a consistent basis which is really good for your flora; and we also stopped eating sauerkraut (because it uses RAW cabbage) that we were eating every day with our lunches in Cuenca.  

We figured out that those two foods were keeping the parasites at bay. We still had them but they were not multiplying so fast in our intestines, which is what they do if you keep a poor diet, bad flora, and eat a lot of sugary foods, etc; and then they begin to cause nausea, cramping, bloating, gas, edginess, not sleeping,etc, etc...

September 2016: We Live in a Developing Country and THIS is Part of What Comes with That.
Second Most Dangerous Parasite after Malaria

 NOTE: August/September 2016 Salinas: Two people in our family became ill with secondary bacterial infections brought on by EH parasite invading the mucous of the stomach lining. It was very scary, we panicked, went to a medical doctor and took the antiparasite meds for a third time, plus we were prescribed more/other antibiotics for 2 family members in the house for amoebic colitis, a symptom of a heavy parasite infestation. If left untreated it only gets worse from there. 

The doctor is the one who told us that ALL of Ecuador (whole country) is endemic with Entamoeba Histolytica and is why they treat every 6 months. The coastal areas are worse but the whole country is endemic. She said the treatment only kills the invasive form of the parasite (trophazoites) NOT the cysts.

NOTE: papaya seeds for the cysts with good diet and good bowel movements to flush them out of the body.

We also researched for many days about Colloidal Silver.  A natureopath friend gave us CS for secondary infections (thank you to our dear friends) and within a week infections were gone. But we still had the parasites.

Late September 2016: We are So Thankful Answers Are Coming about Entamoeba Histolytica Parasite.

The Moment of Panic, What We Did
Late October 2016: We finally feel like we can share more of our experiences with dealing with EH and what we are doing to feel better. We now have PUR FILTER on kitchen tap water for drinking, washing dishes, etc. We ordered extra filters knowing they would go out fast, but it's cheaper than buying the bottled water. 

Do we still have the amoebas? Probably, but we are doing many things to keep them at bay while we are living here and that's what everyone needs to do while living in a developing country. The medical doctor told us that you never really get rid of them where the water is bad in endemic areas, hence why THEY treat every 6-months. Remember what we said about taking too many antibiotics...?

Coming to Ecuador?  We No Longer Recommend THIS in Cuenca Plus we share tips about traveling to and living in endemic Entamoeba histolytica areas. Must Watch Video! Parasite zapper smoothie.

5 Ways to Know You Have Entamoeba histolytica Parasite 

November 2016: Progress Report with E. histolytica     

We have done EXTENSIVE research about this parasite and through our experiences with this parasite we know it is a tough one to get rid of.  On our latest video above a commenter left this article about E. histolytica amoeba and this doctor talks about everything we have shared with our viewers so far on this blog.  

The informative article by Dr by Glen Swartwout How To Eliminate Parasites is one of the best out there on the Internet. He talks about other parasites as well; we recommend everyone read. Don't just take our information, read, study, learn and be more informed before traveling or moving to developing country and be healthy.

PS..according to Dr. Gen Swartwout cloves and artemisia work well together to eliminate amoebas from the body.  Although we have not tried this remedy, we do know that clove tea does help to reduce cramping, nausea and bloating. We simply crush the cloves and make a tea out of them and drink several times per day. Does cloves actually kill the cysts? We have no conclusive evidence of that as of yet. The other ingredient Artemisia still needs to be researched and studied by us for its effectiveness with the cloves and then several stool samples need to be taken. All of these things take time and patience. 

Source:: Feel Better and Live Longer with Natural Medicine Blog

Update 2017 - PLEASE Ponder these things we're about to tell you. 

Many people who host this parasite will not have symptoms of E.histolytica and wonder what all the fuss is about. Yet they are a carrier of the parasite. Stool samples will not always detect it either. 

What's all the fuss about? Well, unless you have been through what we have (2 people in our family have been very ill for 2 years!) then you will never know what all the fuss is about.

July 2017 - We have been eating and still are eating one tablespoon of papaya seeds daily. This is a "must do" health regime when living in an endemic area where the water is bad. 

We feel confident that we do not have the parasites any longer; however just one drop of shower water can start the whole parasite process over again. We have to be careful. We rarely eat out (that is another way you get E.histolytica), we use filters on our kitchen tap, we boil our Berkey filtered water just to be on the safe side and we eat papaya seeds every single day!

UPDATE: the water is so dirty here in Salinas Ecuador that it clogs our PUR filters within a week and they no longer work. We boil ALL our water for washing our dishes too. 

We make and drink homemade kefir now which is helping with our gut flora that was ravaged by taking the parasite meds 3 times.

Taking so many anti-parasite meds destroyed the flora in our colon as well as our digestive enzymes in our intestines which helps to digest food.  Without these natural enzymes helping to assimilate foods, you can't eat anything!!!  Two people in our family have had to go on a strict baby food diet, can't eat most foods....and we're just coming out of that as well. It has been a long, long, long journey.

Source: Water and Health 


  1. Oh my. I am so happy that you have discovered what was wrong and how to aid your body in fighting the parasites. I am a firm believer in not taking antibiotics unless its absolutely necessary. You are correct about the fermented foods and good gut bacteria keeping you healthy.

    This seems like so much trouble and work though to stay healthy. Not eating out and boiling all of your water even to wash your dishes. Not that your health isnt worth it but seems to run counter to live a simpler happy life in a foreign land

    1. yes, you are absolutely correct, it is a lot of work, that's why we moved to a country with clean water. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Change to a low carb, high healthy fat diet. Aka LCHF. Look up "low carb down under" youtube videos for info on this. Stop all pasta, bread, flour, corn, sugar, pop, juice, fruit, rice, veg/seed/legume oil. Only use boiled butter and coconut oil, green leafy greens, grass fed beef and biblically clean fish. Lots of bitter herbs in everything, nothing sweetened except with pure stevia leafs. Yes it is hard but you have to starve off and decrease inflammation in the body, this is how you do it, LCHF, also known as a combination of the keto, paleo and low fodmap approaches.


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