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RETIRE CHEAP? Cuenca Ecuador Reality Check Series!

Because You Want to Know What's Happening in Cuenca Ecuador! In the REALITY CHECK series we give our readers the in-depth look at what to expect when they do get here as far as prices on products and services go. Our readers LOVE these kinds of reality checks as most people don't want to be surprised when they get here. Want to know about the REAL Cuenca? Here it is! Enjoy the series!

Cuenca Ecuador Reality Check (Ep 1 Parmesan Cheese)

Cuenca Ecuador Reality Check (Ep 2 EV Olive Oil)

Cuenca Ecuador Reality Check (Ep, 3 Organic Coconut Oil)

Retire Cheap? Cuenca EC Reality Check (Ep. 4 Sneakers) 


Retire Cheap? Cuenca EC Reality Check (Ep 5 Bath  Towels)

     Retire Cheap? Cuenca Rental Market Compared (Ep. 6) 

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