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LIVE WELL in the New America

If we got a nickel for every expat that says they miss the USA, we'd be rich! Many people think that moving to Latin America is going to make them happier but does it really make us happier?   

If your reasons for moving abroad are just about money then moving to Latin America culture is not going to be a good fit for you.  Some folks were just meant to stay home and we mean that in a good way because my mom is one of those people. It's just what it is guys, reality.

That's why, we are right now, as we write this, creating Video Courses to Help you stay in your lovely country and enjoy all the first world services and amenities that North America offers!  Give us your email and we'll let you know when its ready.


You can live the good life in North America; we know it is possible because we've done it. 

Cuenca Ecuador is Cheaper than What?  Here we go again; everyone keeps saying Ecuador is cheaper than where they live in the USA. Listen up folks, it depends on where you live; in fact we can show you how to live the good life on a smaller social security pension.

Downsized in the USA? Want to Move to Ecuador to Be in the Middle Class Again? It's the same old thing people have been complaining about for years and they think moving to Ecuador is going to be better because that's what is being said from pumpers all over the Internet.  It can be better but not for ALL people. 


How to Live Well in the New America
on a Social Security Budget

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We Lived on $1,500 in the USA 5 Years Ago!  

 We are Preparing Video Courses Right Now, Showing People How to Live on Smaller Budgets in the USA! >>>VISIT

 Cost of Living in Salinas Ecuador Compared to Cuenca and the USA

Does Middle-Class Money Buy Upper-Middle-Class in Cuenca Ecuador? 


in New America

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