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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

We're Traveling Poland and Europe Like Pros Retire Early Tricks of the Trade 101

We're Traveling Poland and Europe Like Pros Retire Early Tricks of the Trade 101! We've been living and traveling abroad on a local level now for over ten years and so we have a few tips up our sleeve. We have the tricks of the trade bundled up in a 2 hour video ready for all adventurous travlers that want to save money and delight in authenticity of the country you want to visit/travel/live. Link in the description below the video. We also make a optimistic prediction about when normal travel will resume. Many people are asking if and when travel is going to come back because they are ready to travel again!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Big Difference between the Spanish Flu and Covid Flu -- Retire-Early-Lifestyle

Retire Early Lifestyle Experiences from Abroad. The BIG Difference Between the Spanish Flu and Covid Flu has a strong impact on travel and the retire early lifestyle, at home or abroad. Some countries are changing so drastically you wouldn't know they were once the freest places to live. The world is changing but they say "it's for your own good". There is much more to say about this so be watching for our subsequent videos.

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

What's It Like Living in a Foreign Country Like Poland and You Can't Speak Polish?

 The one thing we've noticed about Polish people is they happily offer to help the foreigner. They actually will go "out of their way" to offer assistance. It's not like that in some of the countries we've traveled to and lived in. Not knowing the language of the country you live in will have challenges and especially if you live outside of the foreigner beaten path. This is why we always have said to learn the language of the foreign country you move to for the best live abroad experience; otherwise, you'll always be a tourist on vacation and you'll spend that kind of money too. So this is what it's like when you live in a foreign country and you can't speak the language. We're in Poland and we can't speak Polish, yet.