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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

He Said Stay in POLAND She Said Don’t Come to ECUADOR // Retire Early

He said Stay in POLAND She Said Don’t Come to ECUADOR, other people asked why did you leave ITALY? We're traveling; If we leave Poland, we'll be back, the Polish people are wonderful. And if anyone has watched our videos long enough, we're always traveling to Ecuador; we have family there! And by the way, it's great to be visiting with our oldest son and his family again. We love to travel around and enjoy the beauty of other cultures. However, the retire early lifestyle is not as glamorous as some people think and especially during this time and remember, this is a global event.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

THEY SAY a Second Wave is Coming in the Fall - Now What?

It’s strange really, we keep hearing and reading “the second wave is coming!” Really? Well, what are you going to do about it?  People are so resigned to this talk about a second wave this fall, that yes, it will affect you because you are enabling it to really happen. 

If you give an alcoholic a bottle of booze, he’s going to drink it too.

Let me be clear, you and everyone else that is screaming from the roof tops about a second wave coming are actually enabling a second wave to come.  You’re not only believing in the fake media telling you that a second wave is coming but you are echoing the narrative to everyone who has ears to hear it. 

In fact, you don’t know that you’re doing this but you are assisting in this strange dialogue of a second wave coming in the fall and it hasn’t even happened yet! News travels fast and it doesn’t matter if it’s fake or real because the msm know exactly how to get their fearmongering across to millions of people in a timely manner. 

The way I see it, if we throw up our arms in acceptance, we are essentially part of the rumor mill helping this narrative grow bigger around the world and it hasn’t even happened yet. The truth is, a second wave is out of our control but we don’t have to assist in it. Be prepared yes, assist, no!

What Can We Do About It?

First, just a little bit of what we are dealing with:  Anytime a few power hungry group of people, lurking in the shadows (at the top tier) are able to coordinate, in such an organized and timely fashion what we’re seeing today with this virus, it makes me think of addiction. 

We’re dealing with “power-addiction”. And with any addiction the main characteristics are craving, compulsion and obsession—dare I say more?

Addictive People Are Manipulators and They’re Good at It!

They’re good at it because the craving for what they desire becomes so strong that they will do just about anything to keep their addiction alive! In this sense, talking about this virus, the few echelons in power will do anything to keep their dominion and power over the people.  And they act out this addiction for power through control of the people. 

Some folks like to call these people with power, "elites” but they are psychotic people manipulating you and everyone else into submission so they can get their way. We do not mean psychotic in a facetious way either, we mean literally, they are MENTALLY SICK PEOPLE.

How a Few Can Control So Many 

The higher tiered echelons have been using fronts for generations such as foundations, charities, philanthropy and other do-gooder programs to make it appear as if they are working for the good of the people.

In a nut shell, this world takeover thing is a VERY well thought out plan which has its tentacles embedded deep within the framework of society starting from education to all forms of media to the political systems of the world. 

In short, the highest ranked of the echelons have established strong and deep channels where they are able to dictate to the next level in the tier what they need to have happen. They also happen to be some of the richest people in the world. You know who they are. 

The ultimate goal is to have full control over the people / world.  Sounds like a batman movie but this is real. Seeing the submission of the people and the ability to control and manipulate like they do, strengthens their lust and obsession for more and more power. 

The addiction stays alive because of the reaction and response of the people like you and me. We feed their addiction every day by allowing their goal to progress further by submitting to their nonsensical dictates.  

It’s hard to believe that something so simple as wearing a mask could show and give submission but it does exactly that—the mask wearing is the ultimate test. 

Today, you have to wear a mask to feed your family, doesn’t seem so bad, right? But next year, you’ll have to show proof you have the vaccine to feed your family. Then, the year after that, you will need to show proof that you have some weird thing embedded under your skin. (microchip), five years from today, they’ll have control of your mind and body. Resistance by then is futile, game over! 

The echelons, because of this eternal lust for power and being so caught up within this power-addiction they see things from a very delusional view and want to take over the world from this skewed view; and this is exactly why normal people see the new world order thing as crazy—because it is! 

They have no clue about God and are on the extreme opposite end of the good and evil spectrum. The things they plan on doing if the man in the basement happens to somehow get elected, are out-of-this-world! Literally out of this world. It’s insanity. 

In a nutshell, to make it easy for our readers to understand, every addiction has its bane that keeps the craving desire active and alive. Addiction is something that does not get better before it gets worse; addictive personality is obsessive, compulsive, dependent disorder—and it gets worse with time.

Obsessive-Compulsive-Dependent Disorder (OCDD)

We are sure that you have noticed that some of the higher-ups, dictating arbitrary laws, abusing society have OCDD. They are obsessed with what they dictate to the people and much of it is considered compulsive and irrational but… and here is the clincher, they are dependent on the reaction of the people to continue with their irrational schemes!  

We could name a few of the irrational agendas but not in this article; let’s just say, it’s not good. They didn’t expect a guy like Trump to get elected in 2016. Remember, it was supposed to be Hillary Clinton and while they committed fraud in that election too, she still lost. We see the same thing happening this year.

Good (people) seem to always win out and expose the lies and the wicked deeds.  God is on the people’s side.

Train Them Up in the Way They THINK They Should Go

In another nutshell: The top echelons have thoughtfully planned, organized and studied how to do what they are doing and they have been training up the children in American society for decades in the way they think they should go to accomplish the new world takeover. They actually call these young people who are leading BLM and ANTIFA movements, “the global shapers” of the new world order. And yes, they have been trained. 

The echelons bought off the msm, hollywood, the education system, the music industry, the medical system, they have their tentacles in the federal reserve, political systems, security agencies, NASA, Space programs years ago; their tentacles have reached far wide in systems and places we don’t even know about.

For example, we just recently witnessed the medical system being drastically undermined by the good little worker cockroaches being told what to do with dissenters. Specifically, when the doctors spoke out about the virus and they got quickly squashed. The tentacles reach far and wide in many places. We respect the dissenters with admiration. 

The Fake News Biggest Perveyor of Fearmongering  

Trump knew about the fake news long before anyone else and is why he started chanting the “fake news” slogan about the msm even before he became president. Everyone else was afraid to say anything but many observant people already knew—we knew—that is why we decided to homeschool our three sons and leave the USA. 

Today, the fake news transmits the false, fearmongering reports and those who are still in denial remain in fear. The fake news has magnified this influenza-like virus (common flu) to such a far-out dimension that it puts most people into a submission of fear they cannot get out of because the fear is controlling their emotions. 

The fear of dying is one of the strongest emotions, if not the greatest emotion a person can have and the echelons know this. They know very well because they studied the psychology of people. And then of course, there are those people who simply hate Trump and would elect a turtle to be the next president, if it meant Trump not being in office to FIX EVERYTHING like he is doing.  

Remember, POWER-ADDICTION depends on how the people respond TO THE CONTROL. If the people respond in fear, the CONTROLLERS move further towards their goal. If the people protest and do NOT comply or push back, they move further away from their goal. It’s really that simple. 

Is a Second Wave Coming? 

This brings us to the rumor purveyed by the MSM about a second wave coming in the fall. They NEED a second wave to come in the fall for all the reasons I just talked about. The good news is, they’re losing control and they know it! 

This second wave with fake case numbers, fake deaths numbers and the like is needed to lockdown the livelihood of the people once again so Trump will look like he cannot manage the virus and the people will ultimately vote for the guy in the basement. The dialogue sounds really silly but it’s real. The whole thing is to make Trump appear incompetent and as if he doesn’t care about YOU! 

“Hunker down” says the little rat from his mansion. “hunker down!” “You hunker down!”  It is complete and utter nonsense! Nothing they say is believable and nothing they ever did say was believable as you know we have shared the real facts of what’s going on with this influenza-like illness since the beginning, in many of our videos in our Coronavirus playlist on YT.

Just remember, if something has not happened yet then it is a rumor; it’s false! And by spreading it all over kingdom come, we are essentially enabling the false, erroneous narrative to gain momentum and then it actually might happen. You wouldn’t hand your alcoholic spouse a bottle of booze, right? Well, why hand the echelons the keys to your kingdom by your submission?  

Here is what we know so far.

The Facts Are Out in the Open (summary)

1. The echelons have planned this for generations

2. They know what works to keep the people in submission

3. They seek complete dominion of the world

4. Doctors, scientists, celebrities and government officials are also in submission at their own level and are abetting the agenda through lies, manipulations and tyrannical restrictions

5. There was one BIG kink in the plan, President Trump got elected in 2016 

6. There is a rumor of a second wave coming in the fall

7. The msm is the purveyor of everything happening right now

8. The people are in submission and don’t know what to do. 

9. President Trump is cleaning house and bringing back the American values the land was founded on!  THIS IS BIG!

10. Did I leave anything out? Please let us know. 

What Can People Do?

We, the people are worth far more than this. You do not have to submit to anything that goes against your conscience. I don’t have any underlying health conditions that would keep me from wearing a mask, except for I don’t believe in it. It is not something I believe a healthy person should have to wear. 

My conscience tells me mask wearing is erroneous for many reasons and forcing someone to muzzle their mouth when scientific evidence says they don’t work means there is another more sinister force at work in our lives. 

I’m worth more than this and so are you! If your conscience is telling you something, pray about it and then do something about it. 

Here are more do’s and don’ts to help us all get through this chapter in our lives in a peaceful and civil manner because we are peaceful and civil people. We do not want to start a conflict but we do want to LOVE AND RESPECT OURSELVES, OUR FAMILIES, OUR FRIENDS, OUR FELLOW CITIZENS and above all, GOD!

Of course, we cannot do this if we listen to the people who want to rip apart our lives and drag us into their “new normal” and humiliate and destroy the person God made us to be.  


1. Detach from the narrative – Nothing said in the media can be reliable until it happens.

2. Get involved in peaceful protesting campaign(s); 

3. Help others see the truth through video and writing

4. Do research and find in the law that the arbitrary edicts they are trying to impose are unconstitutional.

5. Start laughing, hugging and loving again. Start enjoying your life! 

6. Grow a garden; start a hobby; learn something new.

7. Help your elderly neighbors; bring those in need food and clothing

8. Enjoy and love your family; forgive those you need to forgive

9. Get out and walk in nature and have a picnic

10. Turn off the news until this blows over.


1. Do not allow yourself to feel like a victim; we make ourselves victims by acting as though they can do these harmful and destructive things to our bodies and minds. 

2. Do not spread anecdotes about anything that is supposed to happen in the future such as a second wave. 

3. Desist fearmongering about the vaccine being mandatory. No one has said the vaccine will be mandatory.  Again, it’s fearmongering

4. Who said a second wave anyway? The fake news? Let’s see what fall brings and then be prepared to deal with it then. 

5. Desist giving the people and organizations who are designing the narrative so much attention, unless you’re going to do something about it, like peaceful protests and the like. 

6. Don’t being afraid of something that you should NOT be afraid of. Hundreds of doctors and scientists have spoken out about the virus not being nearly as bad as what they are trying to make it out to be. 

7. Stop the distorted reports. Flip the coin on the fake narrative. Do start telling people there will not be a second wave.  Watch yourself feel instantly better mentally and emotionally. 

8. Do stay positive and happy!  Sometimes all we have to do is get outside of ourselves and take our minds off the constant negative and erroneous narrative that is drilled into our heads by the media and people 24/7. 

We can’t stop the controllers from lying about the Covid numbers and locking down the cities but we do not have to enable their addictive power-hungry minds anymore or ever again! If something goes against your conscience, calmly say “no, I will not be participating in that. 

We are of God and have been blessed with unalienable rights of protection from the abuse of power from corrupt governments and people.  This is the founding principles that America was built upon--Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness under God. Put it upon your heart and wear it in your mind. No one can can take these beautiful rights away from an American citizen unless they do it unlawfully and by force.

If this article resonated with you, take a look at more video on this very same subject.  We appreciate you reading and watching our content and your comments are welcome. Until we write again, blessings to all!