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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Expat Gringas DRUGGED, RAPED AND MURDERED in Ecuador during My Retire Early Lifestyle

GRINGAS DRUGGED, RAPED AND MURDERED over a ten year period in this picturesque Ecuadorean village but no one talks about it. Instead when potential expats inquire about crime and safety on social media, people pipe up with" I feel safe, I feel safe" but does that mean it's safe? We don't think so. We talk a lot about crime and how to stay safe abroad because people shrug it off and that becomes a disservice to all the folks that come after them We're very disappointed in the expat community for sweeping crime under the rug in these places that are not that safe.  Expat Gringas DRUGGED, RAPED AND MURDERED in Ecuador during My Retire Early Lifestyle! What do you think? Your thoughts are always welcome!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

FREEDOM OF SPEECH BANNED in Cuenca Ecuador while Living My Retire Early Lifestyle

FREEDOM OF SPEECH BANNED in CUENCA ECUADOR while Living my retire early lifestyle. Have you ever had your freedom of speech muzzled? Have you ever been censored on a social media platform? We have had many videos demonitized, we have been shadow-banned and several videos even removed on YT for speaking about the truth. Today we want to share this with you, plus offer hope and encouragement for the hurdles ahead. Your comments and feedback are welcome. 


Sunday, February 07, 2021

10 Deadly Expat Mistakes (expat safety and security tips) in My Retire Early Lifestyle

10 DEADLY EXPAT MISTAKES! --- EXPATS BECOME VICTIMS almost always by making themselves a target and some of these crimes can turn deadly. These 10 avoidable crimes are something that everyone should be aware of before they venture to Latin America. 10 Deadly Expat Mistakes (expat safety tips) in the Retire Early Lifestyle. Your comments are very much welcome! :-) Blessings.