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Sunday, July 24, 2022

MEXICO RETIRE EARLY CHEAP! If you want to live on a budget, you can't do THIS ANYMORE!

Mexico Retire Early Cheap - If You Want to Live on a Budget, You Can't Do This Anymore! If we want to live the less expensive lifestyle in Mexico, we have to quit following the crowds; we have to quit living in expat enclaves where rents are double the price. Unfortunately, prices shoot up where the Americans live. That's the reality. That's why you see us going local as much as possible and even though we're the only foreigners in the privado (gated community) we live in, we're still paying $700 dollars a month for rent; not to brag but we're good at finding the deals. Well, $700 dollars is the BEST deal outside of the expat circles. We live in a 3 bdrm. 2.5 bath, furnished.   Welcome to Baja California Mexico on a budget. Take care everyone!

Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Horrible Truths about Traveling Abroad during Retire Early Lifestyle

Never Again! Worst AIRLINE TRAVEL Experience - What Would You Do? - Retire Early Lifestyle - Retire Early Lifestyle. After watching this video you might see why we are apprehensive about airline travel. Let us know, what would you do? Take care everyone! Stay safe.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Flat Broke and Early Retired in Mexico - The Cold Hard Truth about Retiring Abroad

Flat Broke and Early Retired in Mexico. Sure you can go abroad and live a great and adventurous life going local as much as possible (that's us) but you might want to think twice before bringing your money to invest in a developing country. And that is the cold hard truth because in the real world even in paradise there are unforeseen issues and events that can leave you flat broke, no kidding. True Stories here. Just a warning. Take care!